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    Top Five Dry Shampoo: Drug Store and Salon Brands

    This post has been a year in the making.  Seriously.  For the last year I have been trying different dry shampoo to see which ones rise to the greasy challenge.

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  • Family

    Mom Moments: How to Handle All of the Advice


    Moments of clarity do not come very often when you are a parent. Most moments are navigated like I am wearing a blind-fold in a darken wood riddled with booby traps. There are many more moments of questioning than of certainty.  And with all those moments of questioning brings advice; some solicited and some not. 

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    Easy Skin Care Rountine with Pamela Metamorphosis

    skin care

    Over the last couple of years the attention I give my skin has become a priority.  I can honestly say that prior to that I didn’t really care.. eeek!!  But with age comes changes in my face and skin.  Now, I am not necessarily try to get my younger looking skin back but I am trying to prevent future damage and aging. Let’s be real and acknowledge we are never going to look 22 because we aren’t #sorryaboutit

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    Mom Moments: Finding EXTRAordinary in the Ordinary

    Every single day we are given the gift of hundreds of moments.  Each day we are granted moments with our loved ones.  Days are filled with moments for us to capture and for us to embrace.  And everyday we have moments of ordinary life.  That’s what makes up our life. But what about those moments of extraordinary that happen within our daily moments. 

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    15 Must Have Blush Pieces for Your Spring Closet


    I’ve got a color crush.  On blush.  I am not sure if it because Valentines Day is just around the corner or if it is because I am wearing my rose colored glasses (ha) but I am completely obsessed with blush. There are several things I have already purchased from this round-up and you can expect to see them styled here or on Instagram. 

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    Mom Moments: Breaking Free From Guilt


    Those moments.  The mom ones.  The ones you live for.  And then the ones that make you cringe. Those that you want to remember forever. Those you wish you could erase from your memory. But each one is a moment of time attached to your life. Each day I find myself encountering almost all of these emotions. Each day I experience the highs and lows of those moments.

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    Valentines Gift Ideas for Him


    Love is in the air or least on the brain.  This Valentines Day let’s spoil those special men in  our lives.  Normally Valentines Day is all about the ladies but this year I am ready to celebrate my main man.  Traditionally, Valentines Day is not one of my favorites as I consider it a ‘Hallmark’ Holiday and believe we should be celebrating love everyday.  BUT this year I am super grateful for all Brendan does so he will be receiving a few Valentines gifts ♥.

    A few of the items on the list are a bit of a splurge but I tried to vary up the price points.  Hoping this sparks some new inspiration for Valentines gifts but let’s no forget about some of the classics like cologne, clothes and candy. A few of these ideas actually came straight from Brendan’s wish list so here’s hoping your Valentine has similar taste!!  Ha

    To make it easier to shop just click on the product you are interested in.  They are all linked except the hat which I have linked HERE

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