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A Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday Declan!!


To My Sweet Boy,

Happy birthday Declan.  Three years old- you are no longer a baby but you will always and forever be MY baby.  For the last three years I have watched and traveled an incredible journey with you.  From a teeny teeny newborn on oxygen in an incubator to a walking, talking (too much at times), intelligent toddler.  From our home in Denver across to world to London and back again.  You are smart, you are funny and you are the absolute sweetest boy I know.  Your passion for life and Peppa Pig bring smiles to my face everyday.  Your love for London, trains and Papa’s trucks make you unique and special.  Each day I am given the gift of motherhood and I thank you for being my little guy.

I have learned a great deal in the three years since you were born.  Obviously, I have learned what it feels like to love unconditionally, I have learned how to be selfless and I have learned the power of distraction to diffuse a tantrum.  But there  are less obvious things I have learned since your birth; there are less obvious emotions and undestandings that have come from you being a part of my life.

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what I have learned

To start, my marriage and your father.  To say I am lucky is an understatement,  To say I am blessed still doesn’t seem to do it justice.  While you were in the hospital all those months it was your dad who truly was the saving grace for our family.  His strength, love and determination proved to be the strongest link in the bonds that tie us together.  Your father’s love for you and for me continue to be the grounding force of which all our happiness resides on.  Without you I am not sure where our life would have gone, I am not sure I would have seen this side of your dad and therefore I am grateful each day that you came along and helped me see your father for who he truly is.

Next up, passion.  So I have always been a passionate person but now I have a direction and an outlet for my passions.  While you don’t sit and write blog posts with me what you do is provide an inspiration to continue down this journey.  Knowing that there is something bigger than myself now, someone I care more about and a desire to model happiness drives me to continue down this journey.  My passion is a happy life and each day with you I am given the opportunity to use my passions to demonstrate commitment, overcoming self doubt and following your own path.

Thank you Declan,  For all the late nights, for all the laughs, for all the tantrums, for all the Peppa Pig, for all the learning, for all the happiness you bring into my life. Today is your day- let’s eat smoked salmon, go on a lunch date to the cafe, drink apple juice, watch trains, ride in trucks, make silly jokes and read books.  Each day I hope I show you a little bit more of just how special you are- starting with today- your 3rd birthday.

With Love,


P.S. This is a new category for the blog ‘family’.  And while I will continue with styled outfit inspiration and shopping links for most of my pots I am hoping to sprinkle in a bit more about my family life. You can find it all here!!  Hope you enjoyed a bit more personal post today.


4 thoughts on “A Birthday Letter

  • Reply Katie February 28, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Happy birthday Declan! Bibi & Pom miss you!!

    • Reply pishtoposh March 4, 2017 at 9:19 am

      We miss you soooo much. Declan wants to come play with Arvey!!1

  • Reply Auntie Tish February 28, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Amanda, What an amazing writing! We all know how special Declan is to all the family, and even though we haven’t been physically close in our day to day living, I want you to know that you are and have always been very special to me. So proud of you and what you have done so far with your life. I look forward to seeing the next path you venture down and will be cheering you on all the way. You are a beautiful young woman, both inside and out and I love you, special niece!! And of course, a very Happy Birthday to my “great-nephew”. xoxoxox

    • Reply pishtoposh March 4, 2017 at 9:18 am

      Thank you Auntie Tish- I appreciate all the support. We miss seeing you so much. XOXO- Amanda

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