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Becoming Whole Again

***Disclaimer- this is in no way fashion, beauty or style related***

Many of you know how much I love my dog- how much Rubble has been a part of my life – just how much I need her around me.  But many of you do not know the story behind her arrival here in the UK.  When we moved, last September, we made the most heart breaking decision to leave Rubble behind- my brother and his family volunteered to take her in and give her a home- I said good bye to her at the airport- had a little cry (even writing this I am sobbing) – and then tucked the feelings of sadness far far away… there was nothing we could do- our landlord was not keen on dogs, the costs seemed too much and we had not completed the paperwork- She would be fine (and happy) with my family back in Colorado…. yes- she wold be fine… but would I???

Fast forward to December- we landed in Denver, home for Christmas- and there was Rubble waiting for me… TEARS.  GIANT TEARS. It was in that moment I knew Rubble would be coming to London- I knew then the only regret I had about moving was leaving her behind.. It was in that moment I realized its the small things in life that make it whole- and without Rubble I was not whole.


Amanda Maxwell, Family Shoot. Battersea, London.

Amanda Maxwell, Family Shoot. Battersea, London.

February 17, 2016 Rubble touched-down at Heathrow (many many thanks to my mother). The fact that Rubble arrived in the UK is solely due to the ever patient, ever caring, ever amazing person I call mom- honestly without her it would not matter how much I was missing Rubble she would not have made it.  Truly mom, thank you.  There are two other days in my life where I felt happier than on the 17th of February- my wedding day and the day Declan was born- but this was fast approaching to take over those two.  The companionship and trust Rubble brings to my life is unlike any other- I am hopelessly dependent on this dog.  There is not one major thing about Rubble that makes her the amazing dog she is.. its all the small things- its the morning wake-up kisses, its the way she sits at Declans door while he naps, its the way, without fail, she will make a bed out of dirty laundry, its the fact she occasionally winks at me, its how she protects her family, its her love of the snow, its how she snuggles up next to me at night, its how she carries her ball home from the park, its the way she walks (okay, prances)… its all the small thing that makes up her dognality (that is dog and personality combined).  Rubble makes people smile… I want to be like that.  Wouldn’t it be amazing that every time people saw you they smiled… just your presence brought about a sense of trust and companionship… I strive for that in my life.  With Rubbles arrival and finding her place back in our family I am, again, whole.

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  • Reply Claire October 2, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    Nothing beats bringing your pup on adventures! Glad she’s here! ????

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