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Camo: A How To

Tomorrow is Friday & Happy October!!  A new month calls for a new series so this month I wanted to focus on “How To” and I am jumping right in with the camo trend.

If you know me or have been following me for a while it is clear that I am obsessed with camo.  For years I have been loving this trend, it truly is one of my favorites. It is easy to style and pairs with almost everything.  While there are many options out there it is important to be picky so I have rounded up my camo favorites.  When shopping for try to think about the versatility, the color (the richness or opaqueness of the color), the density of the print and of course the cost.

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how to:

Just wear it!!  I know that sounds kind of obvious but I have had so many people say things like; “I just can’t pull off camo” or “I would look weird wearing camo” or “wow, that is such hard print to pair with.” NOPE, not any more.  None of those excuses (because that is what they are) are valid or real.  Wearing camo is as easy wearing any other print or neutral it is all about how you pair it.

tip One:

When wearing camo print on the bottom pair it with a plain gray or white top… or even a simple striped tee. Add a comfy cardigan and necklace and you are ready for a fun lunch, school run or even casual dinner out. You can try a chunky sweater with booties and a camo skirt or denim.  Easy, clean and classic,  The pattern stands out to make a statement but is not overpowering.

tip two:

The amount of camo tops out there this season is kind of overwhelming… everything from button downs, to tees, to jackets, to sweaters/sweatshirts.  Pair your favorite camo top with distressed denim, chinos, joggers, skirts or even shorts.  Add a simple plain shoe- whether it be a converse, trainer or bootie- to complete the look.  Keep the top the main focus and highlight the trend with simple bottoms and shoes/accessories.

tip three:

If you are still feeling a bit apprehensive about embracing the trend consider accessorizing with a camo scarf, bag, shoes or diaper bag (for my mamas).  As you have seen on Instagram I am a proud owner of at least 2 pairs of camo trainers and I pair them with EVERYTHING,  For me they are the perfect amount of flare while still showcasing other aspects of my look.  Add a  backpack or clutch, wrap a scarf around your favorite basic tee or try a camo belt with your skinnies.  The options are endless!!


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