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    Mom Moments: Finding EXTRAordinary in the Ordinary

    Every single day we are given the gift of hundreds of moments.  Each day we are granted moments with our loved ones.  Days are filled with moments for us to capture and for us to embrace.  And everyday we have moments of ordinary life.  That’s what makes up our life. But what about those moments of extraordinary that happen within our daily moments. 

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    Mom Moments: Breaking Free From Guilt


    Those moments.  The mom ones.  The ones you live for.  And then the ones that make you cringe. Those that you want to remember forever. Those you wish you could erase from your memory. But each one is a moment of time attached to your life. Each day I find myself encountering almost all of these emotions. Each day I experience the highs and lows of those moments.

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    Valentines Gift Ideas for Him


    Love is in the air or least on the brain.  This Valentines Day let’s spoil those special men in  our lives.  Normally Valentines Day is all about the ladies but this year I am ready to celebrate my main man.  Traditionally, Valentines Day is not one of my favorites as I consider it a ‘Hallmark’ Holiday and believe we should be celebrating love everyday.  BUT this year I am super grateful for all Brendan does so he will be receiving a few Valentines gifts ♥.

    A few of the items on the list are a bit of a splurge but I tried to vary up the price points.  Hoping this sparks some new inspiration for Valentines gifts but let’s no forget about some of the classics like cologne, clothes and candy. A few of these ideas actually came straight from Brendan’s wish list so here’s hoping your Valentine has similar taste!!  Ha

    To make it easier to shop just click on the product you are interested in.  They are all linked except the hat which I have linked HERE

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    Five Favorite Weekday Recipes


    Weekday Recipes for Busy Families

    Today I want to share five of my favorite weekday recipes.  As a busy mom (and a solo parenting mom) on the weekdays I try to ensure our meals are easy, delicious and have some nutritious factor.   Before we go on I need to make it known I am NOT a chef or professional recipe creator nor am I master in the kitchen.  Additionally, I am in no way pretending that we don’t indulge in a good frozen pizza and macaroni and cheese dinner (add hot dog).

    a few tips for easy weekday recipes

    One of the main things I do is MEAL PLAN, each week, as it takes all the anxiety and worry out of dinners.  On Sunday’s I sit down with my Pinterest (follow me) and I figure out what I am going to make each night of the week.  Next step is to do the grocery shopping.  I leave the menu up all week (tapped to the refrigerator) to remind me of the menubecause let’s be real, I need the reminder.  Lunches are a different story as Declan takes a packed lunch to school but I am home so I try to ensure there are left-overs from at least one or two meals.

    Another thing I do is try to vary the methods I use for cooking.  Meaning, I try to not only do oven meals, or stove top but to switch it up with slow cooker, grill, oven and stove.  The variety takes the monotony out of cooking.   Additionally, I tend to select recipes that do not take longer than 35-45 minutes to cook (unless it is a slow cooker) but allow me to practice different skills in the kitchen.

    Altering, adding or changing the recipe to meet the needs of your family can help keep everyone happy and may lead to emptier plates! For Declan I may substitute the meat or add an additional side, like sliced avocado.  And same for myself.  For example with cheesy pasta of any kind I tend to add shrimp for myself.  As many mothers know hiding veggies in food is a great way to sneak in some extra nutrition. Throw it in the meatloaf, dice it up into Bolognese sauce or simply add butter to it!  Ha.

    Last quick tip is let the little ones help.  As you have seen on my Instastories you know Declan is always in the kitchen with me.  For me having Declan be part of making the dinner helps him to feel a sense of ownership in his meals and in turn helps him eat better.  It is also a great way for us to talk about life, practice counting, learn to follow steps and just be close.  Cooking with Declan is one of my favorite things to do.

    5 days of sample recipes

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    Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Edition


    Despite the first day of December being only a few days behind us the holiday season is in full swing.  If you are like me, you haven’t even started your shopping yet. And if you are like me, you need all the help you can get.  So, today I rounded up some toddler gift ideas.  Last week on Instagram you expressed interest in a toddler gift guide and honestly I was really happy as it helped me make some decisions on what we are going to get Declan.  Toddlers can be tricky to buy for as their attention and preferences change with the wind!  BUT I am hoping this toddler gift guide helps you find something for each of your little ones! 


    One of the absolute best gifts for toddlers are these MAGANATILES as they are imaginative, engaging and spark creativity.  While the initial price tag is a bit high I have been told by every single parent they are sheer magic for toddlers.  Declan is getting a set this year! A few other items on the list that help with the imagination and creative play are these DRESS UP COSTUMES and this PLAY KITCHEN both  of which are under $100.  If your child (or the toddler you are giving to) is anything like Declan then this SHOPPING CART is an absolute must have.  It is by far the most played with toy in our home and it pairs so well with the play kitchen you want to get. For the music loving toddler snag them a GUITAR to really foster those rhythmic skills.  Make sure to include the whole family with a fun GAME to build those problem solving skills.

    For the little ladies its all glam, glitz and glitter.  This BRACELET and JEWELRY BOX are sure to bring a smile to her face as she opens them up on Christmas.  I remember getting my first jewelry box and I still have it today. Snag this fun mermaid graphic HAT for the adventurous and trendy toddler.  According to all my friend who have little girls NAIL POLISH is an all time favorite for toddlers (and dad’s, ha!). 

    If you are shopping for little men then you are golden if you stick to TRUCKSTRACTORS and TRAINS!  Also, I can tell you from personal experience BOOTS are a must-have for little guys who love mud, dirt and outdoor adventures.  They are easy off & on and really easy to clean mud off of (trust me, I have done that more times than I can count).  After you snag up a few TRUCKS add this TRUCKER HAT to round out the gift.  

    This holiday season your favorite toddler will be so excited with your gift!!  Watch their eyes light up in wonder as the open up and indluge in the perfect gift.  Any other must have toddler gifts leave them in the comments- I am always looking for more ideas.  

    With Love, 


    This Christmas I am giving away two pairs of UGG slippers- one for you and one for your favorite toddler!!.  Make sure you subscribe to the blog by entering your email below for a chance to win.  Subscription to the blog is your entry!  (*all official rules are detailed on the Instagram post you can find here**)


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    Holiday Outfit: Family Edition

    Christmas Outfit

    Pine trees, holy berries and egg nog.  Reindeer,  sleigh bells and bowls full of jelly.  Family, laughter and love.  It’s Christmas time and time for Holiday Outfit: Family Edition.

    Picking out Christmas outfits has always been one of my favorite things to do. I love getting dressed up, I love the glitz and the glam and even more I love when the whole family is dressed to the nines! It was obvious to me that Brendan and Declan needed to be coordinated and I would compliment; if this isn’t the truest parallel to my life!

    Below I highlighted a few easy tips to keep in mind while choosing family holiday outfits.  These quick simple tips are sure to help you create cohesive and stylish looks for the whole family.

     Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    shop my look: dress // shoes <similar>
    shop Delcans Look: Suit pants // Suit coat // dress shirt // shoes
    shop Brendans look: suit Pants <similar> // suit coat <similar> //shoes // Dress shirt // pocket Square

    tip 1: stay in one color palette

    This year we went with blue. It reminds me of ice and water; the constant movement of our lives.  Blue often signifies faith, truth and heaven.  Wearing blue felt right as it symbolizes depth and stability and this holiday season I am leaning on the stability and depth of my family. Keeping the colors in one color palette will ensure there is no clashing or contrasting.  Do not confuse the same color palette as the idea of everyone wearing the same color; it is different.  For example, if you choose red this gives you a range from blush to garnet, from rose to burgundy or from cherry to wine.  Explore the shades within a color palette.

    tip 2: think comfort (especially for the littles)

    Declan was rocking his faux suede HIGH TOPS and his elastic waist PANTS but he still looks sophisticated and polished.  Brendan wore his favorite worn in SUIT and I picked a free flowing DRESS  All of these choices were consciously made to keep us comfortable and happy. It is feasible create a polished and sleek look with comfort on the brain.  For the littles consider cotton and soft over starched and stiff.- H & M has a great selection for little fellows  For the gentleman make sure he has a suit that is tailored and fit to his body-Brendan loves Suit Supply and Charles Tyrwhitt.  For the ladies shy away from super tight and restrictive instead try flowy and looser fitting like these Anthropologie dresses. 

    tip 3: stay in your lane

    Brendan loves suits (as demonstrated by his closet) and he also looks great in them. The idea of dressing up, being a bit more put together and wearing clothes that accentuate his style is an easy sell for Brendan and already a definition of his style. While some may say to push your style envelope for holiday looks as it allows for greater self expression I tend to lean the other way  Staying in your lane for holiday outfits ensures you create a look that is perfectly you!  You already know the styles and trends you like so use this foundation when shopping for holiday outfits.

    shop my look: dress // shoes <similar>
    shop Delcans Look: Suit pants // Suit coat // dress shirt // shoes
    shop Brendans look: suit Pants <similar> // suit coat <similar> //shoes // Dress shirt // pocket Square

    holiday cheer

    This season, in the time of giving and love, I am focusing on going back to the basics.  The basics of my life, the basics of love and basics of letting go.  As life ebbs and flows the holidays always bring about a lot of emotion and a lot of highs.  Laughter and love surround us as family is near.  But as we approach a new year we are reminded of the unaccomplished resolutions.  I challenge you to feel those thoughts and then focus on the present.  To live in the moments of this season, to love from your heart and cherish each smile and laugh. 

    Merry Christmas,


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    Over-Sized Sweater Outfit: Fall Fashion Inspiration

    Over-Sized Sweater

    Its Thanksgiving week.. and I can already taste the turkey.  I’m totally obsessed with over-sized gray sweater so I wanted to share it ASAP.  I am working on sharing content and outfits as soon as I get the photos back… I have a habit of harboring photos and then waiting forever to share and then all the products are sold out or no longer available. But times are changing… starting today.

    My goal is to continue to provide you with fashion inspiration and real life ramblings but with an emphasis on not having to spend a lot of money.  In reality I am not made of money and I struggle spending a lot of money on clothe. There are, however, a few items I will splurge on…hmmm maybe that should be a post.  But going forth you will start to see some items on repeat.  Each post will have something “new” to highlight and my goal is to keep everything under a $100.  Also, I hope to highlight how things can be worn several ways and you can look for that more on my Instagram page.  

    shop the look: h&m over-sized sweater // rag & bone skinny jean // gray bootie old <similar pair> // louis vuitton neverfull tote // 

    So onto this fabulous over-sized sweater that is currently on sale for under $25 and comes in 4 other colors.  As you can tell I tend to go gray… or go home.  But I love the beige color almost as much as this gray one.  With this over-sized sweater I went with my regular size but sizing down would make sense if you are a bit more petite. One of the best things about this sweater is how light yet warm it is.  I was impressed at how warm I was wearing it but how light it felt on my bod and I feel this hard to come by during the winter months.  

    shop the look: h&m over-sized sweater // rag & bone skinny jean // gray bootie old <similar pair> // louis vuitton neverfull tote // 

    Originally I had planned to wear this with vegan leather or suede leggings but when I tried it on with these skinny jeans I LOVED it.  These jeans are the prefect color and I love that only one leg has distressing.  It makes them easier to dress up.  They are currently on sale for under $130 and that is a steal.  Rag & Bone typically retail for over $200.  Get these babies ASAP before they sell out.  Now, all of this denim talk is not  to say this over-sized sweater didn’t not look good with leggings as it sure did!  It is long enough and over-sized enough to be worn with either.  If you are a bit edgier or want to push the envelope consider pairing it with a vegan leather skirt or even a suede skirt.  

    As we approach Thanksgiving in just a few short days I want to say and extra THANK YOU for supporting me and following on this journey.  I am appreciative of everyone who comes back post after post to find out what is going on in my life.  To those who are new I am thankful to you for hopping and and taking a look around, if you like what you see subscribe to my weekly newsletter.  Happy Thanksgiving Lovelies!!!  

    With Love, 

    over-sized sweater

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