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    Mom Moments: Breaking Free From Guilt


    Those moments.  The mom ones.  The ones you live for.  And then the ones that make you cringe. Those that you want to remember forever. Those you wish you could erase from your memory. But each one is a moment of time attached to your life. Each day I find myself encountering almost all of these emotions. Each day I experience the highs and lows of those moments.

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    Valentines Gift Ideas for Him


    Love is in the air or least on the brain.  This Valentines Day let’s spoil those special men in  our lives.  Normally Valentines Day is all about the ladies but this year I am ready to celebrate my main man.  Traditionally, Valentines Day is not one of my favorites as I consider it a ‘Hallmark’ Holiday and believe we should be celebrating love everyday.  BUT this year I am super grateful for all Brendan does so he will be receiving a few Valentines gifts ♥.

    A few of the items on the list are a bit of a splurge but I tried to vary up the price points.  Hoping this sparks some new inspiration for Valentines gifts but let’s no forget about some of the classics like cologne, clothes and candy. A few of these ideas actually came straight from Brendan’s wish list so here’s hoping your Valentine has similar taste!!  Ha

    To make it easier to shop just click on the product you are interested in.  They are all linked except the hat which I have linked HERE

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    Book Roundup: Current Favorites, On The List + Daily Inspirational


    Hey Loves!  Happy Thursday.  I am not sure about you but I am really ready for this weekend…. this week is dragging on for me.  Maybe it is all this back stuff and the uncertainty of whether I will be able to walk each day.  Believe me when I saw I know it could be a lot worse.  Each day I am thankful and give praise that the pain and uncomfortablenesss is as minimal as it is. 

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    5 Great Planners to Help You Get Organized in 2018


    So here we are in mid- January and I am just getting this post out… so it should be obvious I need a new planner!  Ha.  And in my quest to find one I came across so many good ones that I wanted to share my top 5 with you.  These all have many similar features but differ in a few ways.   For me, I love to write things down. I love to make lists and to create hand written memos.  So I was excited to find so many great planners that offer both organizational elements but areas for lists, thoughts and memos.

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    My Holiday Tech Break and What I Learned

    Over the holidays I unintentionally took a technology and blog break.  While I did not set out to be off-line and my plan was never to decompress and take a step back I was kind of forced to.  However, I learned a bit about myself and my relationship with social media and technology.  While I wouldn’t say there was anything revolutionary or extraordinary it was very awakening to acknowledge and admit my limitations.

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    2018 Intentions: Goals for the New Year

    I was hesitant to write this post.  I realized that once I put my intentions into writing it would make them real and then I would be accountable.  And that is scary #REALTALK.  Being accountable, for my intentions, not only to myself but also to those around me. 

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    Kitchen Enthusiast Gift Guide: All Under $100

    The countdown has begun.  Christmas is less than two weeks away.  That means family, cooking, presents and love.  You kitchen is about to get really busy!  Not sure about you but I am so incredibly excited for it all.  We are a family that has a lot of traditions and so many of them are centered around the kitchen and eating.  Whether it be making food together, gathering around the dining table or just hanging out in the kitchen drinking wine (I mean hot coca) and laughing.

    This last gift guide is intended to serve a dual purpose.  First, for you to snag those last minutes gifts.  Everything is linked through Amazon Prime making them all deliverable well before Christmas.  Second, to ensure you have everything you need to cook those amazing Christmas feasts for your family.  There are few of my absolute favorite kitchen items and a few that are on my own wish list.

    shop by numbers: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten 

    Let’s jump right in.  If I were to pick one thing for this kitchen gift round up that is an absolute must have it would be the HAND BLENDER.  It makes kitchen life a little easier and can be used for so many things.  Think making smoothies, homemade pesto (here is my favorite recipe), chopping nuts for a salad, quick and easy soup.  Next on the list would have to be this RICE COOKER.  If you are a mom, or a rice enthusiast, then this is a necessity.  We literally use ours weekly.  It makes rice in less than 30 mins and it is always cooks it to perfection.  No more stuck to the bottom burned rice in a pan.

    Top of my wish list for the kitchen is certainly a NUTRIBULLET.  We are like the only family in American (or the world) without one.  I would also love a new MEAT THERMOMETER.  A potential random pick but likely the most used kitchen item.  Takes all the guessing out of the cooking- I mean I am not a fan of salmonella.  Any while it is not on the graphic I would love an INSTAPOT… I just found one on sale for under $100.  Snag it up before it increases in price again.

    I am hoping the gift guides have been helpful; the Christmas Morning Must Haves and Toddler Gift Ideas and lastly this Kitchen Enthusiast Guide.

    Any other last minute ideas for the kitchen lover or other items I must know about??

    With Love,


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