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    Easy Skin Care Rountine with Pamela Metamorphosis

    skin care

    Over the last couple of years the attention I give my skin has become a priority.  I can honestly say that prior to that I didn’t really care.. eeek!!  But with age comes changes in my face and skin.  Now, I am not necessarily try to get my younger looking skin back but I am trying to prevent future damage and aging. Let’s be real and acknowledge we are never going to look 22 because we aren’t #sorryaboutit

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    Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

    Can you believe Christmas has come and gone?!? Hope you had a great day with your family and Santa treated you well!!  You know what happens after Christmas… SALES.  Lots of sales. I’ve rounded up my top picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  There are some great things on sale and some up to 50% off. Some of my favorites I didn’t buy before Christmas are now on sale.  The sale runs through January 2 but a lot of things are already starting to sell out.  Shop soon!! (and often) 

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    Refresh: Camo + Chambray

    Camo + Chambray

    So, we are half way through 2017.  Can you believe it?? It’s time to refresh in camo!

    Next week we will all be celebrating our nations Independence Day!! We are spending the holiday in the mountains; there is something about small town mountain parades, fireworks and festivities that I absolutely love. In fact we are headed up today and staying for almost a week!!!  I promise to not go ghost like last time…. well maybe!!

    As I check in on how 2017 is going I have a lot to celebrate but I also have a few challenges that need to be brought to the surface and worked on.  As we are mid-way through this calendar year (side note: because I was in school and a teacher for so many years I often think of a year from being Sep-Aug ?) I want to refresh some of the intentions I set for this year; being intentional, being thoughtful and being authentic.  I want to add a few to the list to finish out the year; being flexible, opening my heart and taking care of myself.  Like flowers, each year I plant new and refresh the old… I tend to them, nurturing them and giving them love.  It is time I do the same with my life.

    Being intentional and authentic in my actions, my thoughts, my time and my decisions has been at the forefront of my mind this year but recently, I have found myself slipping away from that. I have been catching myself caught up in the “should be” or “perception” of my life instead of the true authenticity of it.  Recently I took some time away from social media and got a little lazy about the blog in order to really determine my intentions in continuing and how to remain authentic.  What I found was a greater opportunity to be present with my family BUT I missed the interactions with my friends on social media and I missed the opportunity to express myself on the blog.  So, I refreshed and reset my intentions to be authentic and real here in this space and on social media.  Finding the balance is important and it took a little slip for me to be reminded.  So, I am back but with the understanding and commitment to not let this rule and dictate my life.  If I don’t post one day it is not the end of the world, if I have a gap in blog posts people won’t turn away from me and if I miss an opportunity for a collaboration there will be another one soon (and probably one that is a better fit for me anyway).

    I recently shared with you guys, here in this post, the importance of raising a kind and respectful son yet I have been slipping on being kind and thoughtful to the people around me.  Sure, I wish people a happy birthday or happy anniversary but I have stopped going out of my way to be thoughtful.  I have stopped sending those handwritten cards, I have stopped sending a random text to brighten a day and I, sometimes, have stopped returning people’s phone calls. “I am busy” is how I justify those actions… but that is just an excuse and downright pathetic one at that.  Being busy should never stop me from being thoughtful.  Folding laundry can wait until I send that quick text, watching that show can wait until I write out that card, finishing this blog post can wait while I call my sister-in-law back.  Time is what I make it and I am refreshed and ready to make thoughtfulness a priority instead of my to-do list.

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    shop the look: shorts // top <similar> // trainers // necklace 
    shop Declan’s look:  shorts <similar> // shirt // shoes


    YOU GUYS—CAMO.  CAMO.  CAMO.  I mean if you didn’t know I am obsessed with camo however I tend to be a very picky camo lover.  Like it has to be just the right colors, the right camo print and obviously the right price. This shirt defines perfection in my camo world.  Target does it again.  I am seriously loving Target this summer season.  I swooped this baby for under $20.  What is better with camo then my other love; chambray? J. Crew Factory is my summer clothes go-to and these shorts are currently less than $20 and come in so many colors and prints.  I own about 17 pairs of these shorts but the chambray are by far my favorites.  They are light and easy to wear on these hot hot hot summer days.  Classic Adidas kicks  Clean white Stan Smith’s…need I say more.

    New Intentions

    As I reflect on the past 6 months I recognize that my heart has been closed- to friendships, to opportunities, to life. Not for the next 6.  As someone who craves routine and structure I am often thrown into a small panic attack when plans or activities don’t go the way I had thought.  RELAX AMANDA.  Go with the flow, enjoy the ride and see the benefit in learning to be flexible.  I am a mother (duh) and that comes synonymous with not taking care of yourself.  I mean I get a good amount of sleep and I drink my fair share of wine but I need to continue to focus on my physical and emotional health.  I am back to running (as one of my friends pointed out I don’t share my love for running very often- I guess I am a closet running lover), I am working out again.  I am determined to read more despite being exhausted at night and I will focus on disconnecting when I need to.  Hold me to these intentions and help me keep my priorities but please forgive me when I slip up.

    With Love,


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    These Are My People: Lace Shorts

    Tie Shirt: Lace Shorts

    If you follow me in Instagram (which you should) you may have noticed an increased presence of both Declan and Brendan… Well these are my people!  At the beginning of the day they are there.  Each night they are there.  So, it was only a natural step to weave them into this “new life” I have.

    One of the reasons I started Pish to Posh was to begin to define myself in a new way.  And I felt, at that time, I wanted to be defined apart from Declan and my family.  I had spent the previous 2 years intensely connected to Declan- through all his medical needs and deciding to become a full-time mom and then moving across the world where he seemed to be the only constant I had- I was ready for a break.  I began the blog with a heavy and narrow focus on fashion and that worked!!!  I loved it!!  Living in London it was easy to focus on the fashion, to be continuously be inspired and to find new ways to express myself.  It was exciting to start this adventure and to become something other than Declan’s mother and Brendan’s wife.  Pish to Posh was born, nurtured and developed under this idea of creating an identity exclusionary of my family.

    It worked gloriously in London and even when we got back to Denver, for a while.  And then it started to feel yucky, disconnected and inauthentic.


    Of all the things I wanted or thought this blog would become I always strived for it to feel authentic, organic and connected … but now I was feeling resentment and bitterness towards my family … and no happiness or authenticity.  HOLD UP.  Not okay.  These are my people.  This is my life.


    For whatever the reason I am finding myself drawn to include and embrace my life as a mother and wife; first and foremost.  For whatever reason I find happiness in capturing candid moments of Declans life and then sharing them with you.  For whatever reason I am drawn to share my marriage with you here and on social media.  And I am not one bit upset about it.  I love these people.  More than I love anyone else, more than I love myself and certainly more than I love fashion alone.

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    shop the look: shorts // tie knot tee  // wedges <similar> // sunnies 

    I am in love with these shorts and this brand!!  Everly Oak has the cutest stuff (like the floral dress from this post) and I can’t stop ordering from them!!! These shorts are so versatile,  under $40 and the perfect fit ( I mean who doesn’t love elastic waste??).  They are only available online so make sure to check out Everly Oak!   I grabbed this tie knot tee that last time I was at the J . Crew Outlet and I am so happy I did.  It is the perfect easy to wear neutral tee for summer.  The tie knot detail on this tee spices it up the perfect amount!  These sandals are currently sold out  but I have linked a similar pair <here>.  Below I linked everything (with exception to these shorts- check out their website to snag them) including both Brendan and Declans outfit.  Brendan is head to shorts J. Crew Outlet and Declan is in both Target and Old Navy.  Happy Shopping.

    changes: my people

    So, here they are.  On the blog and on social media.  Filling my life (and my feed) and helping me create an identity I am proud of.  In hindsight, it was ridiculous to think I could successfully create a blog and define myself without including Brendan and Declan.  While I am not defined by them; they do play a major role in defining me.  I love being a mother.  I love being a wife.  As time goes on and I hone, sharpen and refine myself you will see that reflected on Pish to Posh.  Like life this adventure is a work in progress.  Each day I learn more about who I am, what makes me happy and how I want to live my life.  As life changes I hope this space changes, I hope Pish to Posh changes… in order to remain authentic and organic here it is only natural that iy mirror my life.

    There will still be plenty of posts centred around fashion.  My goal is still to inspire you to feel happy and confident in your own skin and style.  I still love to get dressed and share that with you.  But I also want to share with you that my life is more than one dimensional.

    These are my people.

    I hope you learn to love them as much I do (or close!).

    With Love,

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    Six Months: Spring Blush

    Happy Hump Day!! It’s officially the season before summer… time to bring out the spring blush.

    Last week Pish to Posh celebrated it’s 6 month anniversary, small potatoes compared to many other blogs you read, however a large benchmark for me.  When I set out on this adventure I was not exactly sure where I was headed… I had an idea and a grandiose vision but a less than detailed road map on how to get there.  My main goal was to inspire you, the reader/follower, to feel comfortable, confident and happy through style.  Secondarily, was to introduce you to the true person I felt myself to be and to break down any pre-conceived notions of who I was in the past.  To be able to redefine myself as someone I am proud to be, someone my son is happy to call mom, someone my husband is honored to call his wife was the launching point of this adventure…. so, how have I done???  The reality is that I am only as successful (to a point) as you feel inspired, empowered and enlightened… have I accomplished those goals???

    Not yet.

    But each day I am learning more on how to achieve those goals and after six months I can successful say that has been the most rewarding challenge; figuring out how to succeed and achieve without a set out plan or path to follow.  Sure, I read hundreds of other blogs, I spend countless hours on Pintrest and Instagram and yes I do a fair amount of shopping but I had NO idea how much more there was to blogging…. I had NO idea how much I did not know… I had NO idea how much I needed to learn.  Truth be told, looking back, I was completely and utterly unprepared for this adventure.  Figuring out how to style distressed skinnies, finding the most “on trend” shoes and sampling beauty products has proven to be such a small part of what I do each day.  At the end of the day all the fashion, photography and beauty products are not what makes me happy it is the fact that each day I continue down this path, of blogging, I am learning a great deal about myself.  I am slowly becoming that person I am proud to be- the person I want all of you to see… my true self.

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    shop the look: denim // top // sneakers // clutch // cardigan // sunnies

    Each time I do a photo shoot I learn more about defining my style, defining my look and really honing my craft.  This look is one of my absolute favorites over the last six months.  I am obsessed with everything in this look.  This blush top  is the perfect go-to spring item.  The delicate blush ruffle hem makes this top super fun and feminine.  This blush top does come in several other colors and I have linked a few similar ones on the widget below.  These distressed denim have been the best purchase this season. I wear them constantly and find they are super versatile.  I love to pair them with sneakers, like these copper ones, but they are also easily dressed up with some wedges or heels.  Speaking of shoes let’s all just take minute to talk about these sneakers.  I am constantly wearing these (especially given all the weird weather in Colorado).  They are so comfortable, super sleek and easy to pair with everything.

    The accessories for this look are pretty simple with a neutral clutch, easy tear-drop earrings and a chunky cardigan.  I wanted to highlight the blush tones of both the top and shoes.  I have linked several options in additional price points for this whole look (something I have learned to do over the last six months).

    always learning

    When I launched Pish to Posh last September I thought I felt confident in who I was, what I stood for and my future.  And then I put my whole life on the internet.. I opened myself up to subjective and personal criticism, I provided an avenue for people to judge me and I consciously added myself to career of comparison…. AND six months later I am no worse for the ware.  Each day is not perfect and there are times I have doubted myself and my ability to do this (thank you Brendan for not letting me quit) but every day I push myself to continue I am enlightened, inspired and challenged by something new.  There are no two days that are the same nor two challenges that are the same. I am constantly being pushed to refine myself and my brand.  The last six months have given me a fresh perspective on hard work, on the road less traveled and on personal growth.

    Thank you for following along… I only hope to grow, to continue to inspire you and to provide an authentic portrayal of who I am and the person I am proud to be.

    With Love,


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    The Return of the Mom….

    JEANS.  Mom jeans…. yes, that’s right, the return of the “mom jean”  is a trend. I love my mom.  And when I was younger there were times I wanted to dress like my mom- to wear her makeup or her fancy skirts or maybe her high heels but I can honestly say I NEVER day-dreamed about wearing her jeans- they were mom jeans- blah.

    Riddle me this:  after decades of this trend being strictly for 80’s theme parties and costumes to insult the older generation why has this trend decided to rear its ugly face???  I was, recently,  perusing through ZARA  when I stumbled upon these items.  There were tables and rows and large displays advertising the Mom Jean fit-  high wasted, slouchy and slightly (or extremely) distressed.  Many were white washed, or so it seemed.  Later that afternoon I did some online research and realized that this was not just a European young fashion trend but this was a world-wide autumn trend- for all people to wear.  Except me.  

    There is nothing flattering nor attractive about these pants… there is an ever present fear of a CT (camel t**)… there is a very clear mental image of the loooooong booty… and certainly not going to endorse semi-pleated front area that accentuates any left over baby weight; not looking for mom gut.  Be serious.

    ** We can discuss the HR – high rise- trend in another post**


    Now to be fair I should address the potential positive notes of this new trend: I will not need to buy a bra as the high wasted can serve as a replacement: I will not  have to spend extra for a Halloween costume this year: I will not need to wear a spanx to keep anything looking tight:  I can re-use my old dance crop-tops (a whole other trend I can not seem to embrace) due to the short space needed to cover my torso: and lastly I will not need to worry about bleach splatter while preforming my daily “mom”duty of laundry.

    In conclusion, I am not a fan… nor will you see me styling these pants… but if you are excited about this trend then I support you (not to be confused with supporting the look).  One of the major learnings through this endeavor has been that my style is specific and special to me and that my opinions while strong and voiced are not the only truth.  I started this to have a platform to express myself… to be true to myself and to be truthful in my passions…and I encourage that for everyone- every single “mom jean”wearing woman.  Be truthful.