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Doing it Together

Marriage is hard… marriage is beautiful… marriage is challenging… marriage is amazing.  The most amazing thing about my marriage is the person on the other side of this union- Brendan.  Now, I promise not to get all sappy and emotional over here but I am going to be real and honest and share a bit about our marriage- I promise it will be truthful, heartfelt and raw… you can decide if that makes it sappy!  Our story is just like anyone else’s- it is full of memories, heartbreak, laughter, tears, victories, celebrations, defeats, love, kindness, compromise, selfishness and selflessness- but our story is not like everyone else’s because it is ours.  We have no road map on how to make it work- sure we have amazing examples in both my parents (married 40 years) and Brendans parents (married 38 years) but we are doing this on our own- we are learning and falling down together- we are getting back up and continuing on together- and that’s just it… we are always and forever doing it TOGETHER.

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I was never the one to call Brendan my best friend- in all honesty he never was- he was my husband.  I have a few best friends- I have some regular friends- and Brendan was always labeled as “husband”.  No one else could take that label- no one else could hold that label- so I felt it fitting that he not fall into the label of “friend” as that wasn’t unique enough.  And then we moved to London.  Where I, for better or worse, was left with Brendan being my only friend.  Within the first months of being here I realized Brendan was more than just my husband… that he was my best friend. Not just due to the fact that I didn’t have any other friends (here is the raw part) but because he checked all the boxes of a friend… he listened, he told me shut up when needed, he grounded me, he laughed with me, he cried with me, he drank wine with me, he kept my secrets, he loved me. Simply put Brendan became so much more to me than just my husband… he became my whole world (oh and Declan).  Brendan and I spend a lot of time together… more than most married couples (I imagine) and sometimes more than we both desire… but I am forever indebted to his current company for giving us this opportunity.  With this move to London we have explored (read Full Circle for more), we have traveled (read Organic Floral for more) and we have built an amazing bond that I am certain will withstand the test of time.  Honestly, its like we have been on a never-ending honeymoon… we have found the greatness in each other, we have learned how to overcome the annoying habits (we have no where else to go to avoid them), we have no drama outside our own (and minimal at that), we talk and communicate openly and honestly, we fell back in love (not that we had fallen out).  So… how does this relate to fashion you ask… well good question!

Fashion for me was like my husband being different than a friend- it was a separate part of my life- fashion and my life couldn’t be thought of in the same light- they were different entities- each filling a specific box.  And then I moved to London.  And then I started Pish to Posh… and like my marriage with Brendan I figured out that fashion and my life go together.  Planning an outfit for this post and this shoot was a bit more challenging as I wanted to really capture the essences of fashion and my real life being interchangeable and interwoven… and so I picked basic items that are interchangeable in your wardrobe and that are interwoven into everyday life.  These skinnies <similar> <similar>, if you follow me on Instagram, are a regular- they are comfortable, fashionable and easy to wear-  they go with booties, trainers or flats as seen above.  Obviously, this sweater  <similar><similar> is a winner and one I am obsessed with due to the color and the ability for it to be worn with just about anything- it intertwines into your wardrobe so easily.  I am a sucker for comfy and I am a sucker for studs so when these flats made their way into my life I forever feel in love (just like when I met Brendan and forever fell in love, corny right?!?).  Anyways, the accessories choker, bagwatch and sunnies (currently on sale) are all icing on the cake in terms of the outfit and truly you can pair just about any jewelry, any bag and even add a cute scarf.  Go check out my latest Thursday Three for more ideas on perfect fall accessories to add to your look. Planning and executing easy outfits into my daily life has been a great revelation in my everyday… just like learning that Brendan is so much more than just my husband.

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Below are the outfit details- unfortunately by the time this post went live (negative side of planning) a few of the items have sold out- I have done my best to link similar items both in style, price and color.

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4 thoughts on “Doing it Together

  • Reply Haleigh October 17, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Such a sweet post! I loved reading it.

    xo, Hales |

    • Reply pishtoposh October 18, 2016 at 8:03 am

      Thanks so much!

  • Reply shreya October 17, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    I love the fact, how you linked both.Even i follow the mantra of comfort,i guess comfort with little styling is perfect for everyday life.Have a great day!

    • Reply pishtoposh October 18, 2016 at 8:03 am

      Trying to incorporate both sometimes is a challenge but one I am up for!! Thanks for stopping by.

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