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Embracing the Unknown

Photos: Victoria Metaxas 

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Who loves change?  Not me – well I am trying stop fighting it and accept it (often times I literally have no other choice)- but I don’t love change but I have learned to embrace it.  Feeling comfortable and content can have many positives that it is hard to find any reason to change… any reason to alter and shift.  When you are comfortable life seems to float by often times without hiccups or headaches… when you are comfortable you begin to feel grounded and rooted… when you are comfortable sometimes you are able to forget about life knocking at your door.  Well, as much as I love being comfortable, I am here to tell you that embracing change (no matter the circumstance) has been one of the most rewarding, satisfying and worthwhile learnings- albeit it difficult.  I know I know… that all sounds crazy but it is true.  We could get into a conversations about the deep rooted aspects of change but today let’s stick with something a little more fun… embracing the change from American clothing brands to British.  So, while I would love to discuss and converse about life’s deep and meaningful happenings I think I’ll stick to the surface on this one… that post may come later!

We don’t fear the unknown.  We fear what we think you know of the unknown

When I left Denver I knew I was arriving into one of the fashion capital’s of the world… I knew the British style was drastically different than my American… I knew I would have to brand adjust… but I was terrified.  What if I can’t find anything that fits my American body, what if I can’t find anything with color, what will I ever do without Nordstrom, how will I live without Target- complete and utter fear.  It took me many attempts and sometimes hours to get dressed just to go to the grocery store… it took me many attempts to figure out how to wear black and blue together… it took me many months to proficiently tie a blanket scarf…. it took me many failed attempts to find a replacement to both Nordstrom and Target (however there really is no true replacement)… it took me months to fully embrace the unknown British brands and adjust to the change I was facing but boy am I glad I did.  I have found some amazing new favorites brands- like Joules, Zara (yes there are a few popping up in the states), Jigsaw, Asos (again available in the states but not to the extend as UK), Whistles the list goes on and on.  While I miss my weekly Nordstrom stops, or spending hours wandering Target I am so loving my new found British stores- and there are a few of my old favorites available so I am not left totally missing the USA.

This outfit is all new brands- the distressed jeans are Zara- the oversized turtleneck is Joules and these booties are Ash (and while available in the states I snagged them from the cutest high street boutique).  This look wasn’t about flare, or making a statement, or trying a new style- it was about accepting my new fashion options and embracing my new look.  I feel empowered in my new British outfits- I feel like the change that was forced upon me has been worth every tear of frustration, every dressing room meltdown and every fading memory of my old shopping habits.  Navigating the unknown of the British fashion world was daunting and overwhelming (to the say the least) but through a strong determination to embrace and accept the change I was able to come out on top- I was able to conquer the fear and set aside my fright about what I would do with the unknown.

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Below are both exact and similar items- while the exact are all UK – I did link similar US items to create the same look. Gorgeous sunflowers can be found at your local florist 🙂 Happy Shopping!

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