Fall Accessories: 3 Myths About Belts

It is technically still fall (despite the snow in Denver this week) so I wanted to chat a bit about my favorite fall accessories.  I’ve teamed up with Embrazio to showcase some great fall goodies.  **I received products in exchange for this post however all opinions are my own**

As you know I gravitate towards neutral colors for my wardrobe; gray’s, white, black, more gray and a sprinkle of pattern.  So I tend to use accessories to break up the monotony of my looks.  In recent months I have been really trying to incorporate one to two new accessories into my closet and Embrazio has some great picks to keep my outfit classy, clean and stylish.

shop the look: belt // denim // tee // mules // scarf <similar> // clutch <similar>

This year I have embraced belts.  There seems to be a perception floating around that belts are a bit out of style, potentially a bit country western or that belts never fit right.  I am here to debunk all of three of those myths.  For starters there is nothing “out of style” about a belt, in fact I would genuinely argue that belts are a classic and timeless piece.  Good quality leather belts, like the ones Embrazio does, will literally last a lifetime.  The quality leather and the intention behind the craftsmanship are apparent in all their products but especially their belts.  Wearing a belt upgrades your look to sleek and polished… nothing unstylish about that.

Now, the country Western thing…. I mean sure if I was wearing and plaid shirt and boots this belt would be PERFECT to complete my Western look.  But on an average day I am not.  But if your daily style is a bit more “western” (which I am all for) then snag yourself some great belts and buckles from Embrazio as they specialize in that.  However, for those who consider their style more trendy and contemporary and a belt is a great fall accessory to add to your already stylish look.  Belts compliment denim and tees (see photos above), skirts and sweaters and even dresses.  So second myth debunked.

And then the idea that belts never fit right, don’t lay correctly or are uncomfortable.  This is where Embrazio dominates and eliminates that huge problem.  Each belt is made to wrap around your waist and fit properly; no more of those weird bunches and gaps. They take your pants size and create an s-curved belt that bends in the right places, lays flat against your waist and wraps around your hips.  It literally fits you perfectly as it was handmade and created that way.  A comfortable and snug fit each time.

buckle up

Fall accessories are bountiful this season.  There is certainly no shortage of options nor is there a shortage of places to get them.  As I get older and wiser (yep, I said it) I am finding that quality is important.  Finding good fall accessories that will last through the season and beyond is something I have focused on.  Embrazio made that easier with their hand crafted leather products.  Explore their stuff… you may  just be surprised at what other fall accessories they have!

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