Fall Trends To Wear Right Now

This post is in collaboration with Evereve however all opinions and thoughts are my own.

In case you live under a rock we are in the midst of the best fashion season of the year!!!  FALL.  Fall fashion trends are my favorite of the year and I am excited to share my top picks for fall fashion trends to wear right now!

Each fall designers and stores come out with so many fun trends to try and this year is no different.I love everything fall (except pumpkin spice) as it is a season of starting over.  The changing leaves reminds us to shed things/burdens weighing us down, settle in and cozy up with family and friends as the holidays approach and the idea that each season brings a new chance to reflect and regrow.  Fall trends tend to fit right into all of those feelings and this season I am loving ruffles, velvet, embroidery and lace.

Each product is shopable from the image- just click on what you like!!  (The lace dress is, unfortunately, sold out on line but available in stores)

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This trend is feminine, flirty, fun and a bit retro.  I am loving how it transforms a regular sweater or dress to a piece with character and style.  Embracing the embroidery trend was a slow roll for me as I almost felt like it was dating me but the more I tried it on the more I fell in love with it.  It truly is one of the hottest trends this fall as you will see it on dresses, denim, shoes, sweaters, bags, hats, shirts, skirts…. I mean the list goes on and one.  Below are my favorite picks for embroidery from Evereve.

trend 2: lace

Is there anything for girly than lace??? Is there anything more delicate than lace???  Both of those reasons are why I am loving lace this fall season.  It adds such an element of girly and delicatenesss to anything that it is hard to not want to pair it with everything, I am loving how lace can transform an otherwise heavy look into a light sophisticated look.  Pairing lace with distressed denim, skirts, velvet, black denim or even underneath your sweater is a perfect way to add a little lace to your wardrobe.


trend 3: velvet

This is my favorite fall trend.  And this is actually a surprise to me as I am a texture person and something about the way velvet feels does not sit well with me.  HOWEVER, I am loving the look and style of velvet this season.  My personal favorite is velvet skinnies.  Don’t be fooled though, velvet is dominating all pieces including skirts, shirts, shoes and dresses.  Pair your favorite velvet with a lace top or even an embroidered sweater for a street trendy look this fall.


trend 4: ruffles

Who doesn’t love ruffles???  Any store you walk into right now you will see ruffles… and Evereve does it right!  Ruffles on dresses, shirts, sleeves, cuffs.. just about anything.  Let’s talk about the benefits of ruffles.  To start, they are a good disguise for the summer of too much ice cream, they are a great accent to draw your eye to different parts of your body and they add an element of fun to any outfit.  I mean, when I wear ruffles I just want to spin and twirl!!  Swoop up your favorite ruffles below!



Fall fashion is in full effect right now and Evereve is nailing it on the trend front!  Make sure to snag your favorites and wear those fall trends now!!

Tell me what is your favorite fall trend??

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