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Falling Into Stride

“Shoes are a girls best friend” and this season I have many new friends and a few old staples – such a parallel to my life.  I am loving the abundance of booties this fall/autumn (the Brits call it autumn).  There are so many colors, shapes and varieties from the fall collections that no matter your personal style there are bound to be more than a few to tickle your fancy!  I have included my most favorite shoes for the autumn season.



Each shoes is linked- click to be taken to a retailer-
#1: Steve Madden Jaydune Leather Ankle Boots (black)
#2: Steve Madden Ecentrcq Black Slip Ons (black)
#4: New Balance for J Crew Trainers- last season <this seasons design>
#6: Ash Jalouse Ankle Boot (topo) and a <similar pair>
#8: Tory Burch Reva Leather Ballet Flats (black)
#9: Nike Free Run FLyknit Sneakers (black and white)
#10: Birkenstock Arizona Urban Sandals (rose gold)
#12: Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat (tan)
#13: Frye Veronica Shortie (gray soft vintage)

As you probably noticed a lot of my fall shoes are black or dark colored and this is intentional.  Here in London- black is BASIC- black is EXPECTED- black is CLASSIC.  And while I love the tan and camel colors that are dominating fall footwear this season I am committed to embracing my London life.  Furthermore, black is essential in the winter and many of these shoes will transition right into the next season.  I am a lover of shoes and I would love to have several options in all styles but I have also learned that quality is more important than quantity.  In the past I wanted to fill my closet with shoes… who cared about quality I just wanted it to “look” like I had a lot of shoes.. but living here has taught me the importance of quality and with quality comes expense- this season I focused on two good pairs of booties, one good pair of taller boots and one good pair of slip ons.  I need booties/flats/trainers that are comfortable enough to walk up to 5 miles a day- and all of the above choices offer me that.  The concept of reasonably priced is too subjective for me to make a claim that these are all “affordable” but I am budget conscious (otherwise I have to answer to Brendan!) and so most of these would fall in a category titled “Sensible Spending”.

People often say you can tell a lot about someone from the shoes they wear… I wonder what my feet are telling people???

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