Holiday Outft: Simple Tips to Achieve Perfect Family Style

Holiday Outfit: Family Edition

Pine trees, holy berries and egg nog.  Reindeer,  sleigh bells and bowls full of jelly.  Family, laughter and love.  It’s Christmas time and time for Holiday Outfit: Family Edition.

Picking out Christmas outfits has always been one of my favorite things to do. I love getting dressed up, I love the glitz and the glam and even more I love when the whole family is dressed to the nines! It was obvious to me that Brendan and Declan needed to be coordinated and I would compliment; if this isn’t the truest parallel to my life!

Below I highlighted a few easy tips to keep in mind while choosing family holiday outfits.  These quick simple tips are sure to help you create cohesive and stylish looks for the whole family.

 Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

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tip 1: stay in one color palette

This year we went with blue. It reminds me of ice and water; the constant movement of our lives.  Blue often signifies faith, truth and heaven.  Wearing blue felt right as it symbolizes depth and stability and this holiday season I am leaning on the stability and depth of my family. Keeping the colors in one color palette will ensure there is no clashing or contrasting.  Do not confuse the same color palette as the idea of everyone wearing the same color; it is different.  For example, if you choose red this gives you a range from blush to garnet, from rose to burgundy or from cherry to wine.  Explore the shades within a color palette.

tip 2: think comfort (especially for the littles)

Declan was rocking his faux suede HIGH TOPS and his elastic waist PANTS but he still looks sophisticated and polished.  Brendan wore his favorite worn in SUIT and I picked a free flowing DRESS  All of these choices were consciously made to keep us comfortable and happy. It is feasible create a polished and sleek look with comfort on the brain.  For the littles consider cotton and soft over starched and stiff.- H & M has a great selection for little fellows  For the gentleman make sure he has a suit that is tailored and fit to his body-Brendan loves Suit Supply and Charles Tyrwhitt.  For the ladies shy away from super tight and restrictive instead try flowy and looser fitting like these Anthropologie dresses. 

tip 3: stay in your lane

Brendan loves suits (as demonstrated by his closet) and he also looks great in them. The idea of dressing up, being a bit more put together and wearing clothes that accentuate his style is an easy sell for Brendan and already a definition of his style. While some may say to push your style envelope for holiday looks as it allows for greater self expression I tend to lean the other way  Staying in your lane for holiday outfits ensures you create a look that is perfectly you!  You already know the styles and trends you like so use this foundation when shopping for holiday outfits.

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shop Delcans Look: Suit pants // Suit coat // dress shirt // shoes
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holiday cheer

This season, in the time of giving and love, I am focusing on going back to the basics.  The basics of my life, the basics of love and basics of letting go.  As life ebbs and flows the holidays always bring about a lot of emotion and a lot of highs.  Laughter and love surround us as family is near.  But as we approach a new year we are reminded of the unaccomplished resolutions.  I challenge you to feel those thoughts and then focus on the present.  To live in the moments of this season, to love from your heart and cherish each smile and laugh. 

Merry Christmas,


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