Holiday Traditions: Christmas Cheer + Giveaway Winner

Holiday Traditions + Ugg Giveaway Winner

This Christmas season I am really feeling all the feels… not to be cliche or anything.  But, truly, this year seems to feel different.  It seems brighter, it seems happier; it seems more merry.  Christmas, for many I am sure, is a season filled with love, laughter, friends, family and holiday cheer.  However, it is not lost on me that this time year can also bring about feelings of loss, loneliness and sadness and for those that experience those feelings know you are loved.

We are a family of strong and dedicated tradition followers.  I think it is in my blood.  My goal, this year, is to begin to pass down these traditions.  My hope for this season is he feels the love when families come together to share and continue traditions.  Homemade coffee cakes, hand rolled noodles, delicious grapefruits, red and green M & M’s, eggs Benedict and late night Christmas Eve present wrapping.  My heart swells with love and happiness as I think about these life long traditions that I get to pass down to Declan. 

Why??  Why is this time of year so special… what makes Christmas season so extraordinary??  I did a lot of thinking on this topic in hopes of being able to put into words my feelings.  Over the course of the last several weeks my thoughts have been centered around what makes Christmas special?? I watched as Declan’s eyes glowed when the Christmas lights got turned on.  While we were Christmas shopping my mind was wrapped up in how to best teach Declan the importance of giving to others.  And you know what I realized…. at the end of the day it’s all in the mystery and the magic of believing. 

Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

shop the look: skirt <similar> // top <similar> // boots // scarf // Jacket<similar

Okay, so if you can tell this outfit is a lot of older stuff…. which was the point.  Not sure about you but around this time of year I am spending all my money on gifts.  I wanted to show you an outfit that you can put together with your own clothes.  The exception being the OVER THE KNEEBOOTS.  I snagged these as they are a great dupe to these very expensive ones.  Around this time of year I tend to dress in holiday colors like this GREEN TOP.  I paired with a simple BLACK SKIRT and BLACK TIGHTS to elongate and streamline the bottom half.  It is an easy, stylish look created from clothes you already have in your closet.  Add the OTK BOOTS and you elevate your look to super trendy and seasonal. 

Normally Colorado is cold so this FAUX FUR HOODED JACKET should be getting a lot of use.  It has not.  But it is super cute and the toggle buttons are my favorite.  I have linked several HERE and HERE in the event you live somewhere with an actual winter.  A great plaid blanket scarf is the prefect finishing touch to any holiday or winter look.  HERE and HERE are a few of my favorites. 

the magic

Celebrating Christmas this year is different because I see so much of it through the eyes of a child.  It brings back the magic and the wonder of the season.  While we embrace long standing traditions there is newness in sharing them with a child.  It makes me stop and remember the origin those traditions.  There is magic in the unknown of the season yet the essence of family and love surround us everyday.  This season we get to embrace the mystery of gift giving both the kind we see and the kind we do not. My soul is happy and full each day I watch the wonder of Christmas unfold through my toddlers eyes.  I still believe and I am so happy that Declan is growing up the same way. 

May your Christmas and Holiday season be filled with love and happiness.  May you never loose sight of the true meaning of Christmas and may you always believe.  

giveaway winner!!! 

First I want to thank every one for participating!! In order to determine the winner I exported all the email addresses into an excel spreadsheet assigning every person a number.  I then used a random number generator to determine the winner.  AND THE WINNER IS….. 

I used ??? instead of giving away your email address to everyone.  

If that is your email make sure to send me a message at to claim!!  I want to get your Uggs to you by Christmas! 

With Love, 



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    Black tights!🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Reply pishtoposh December 21, 2017 at 7:43 am

      Exactly!! Taking a tip from thee Brits~

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