Intentions for 2018: Goals and Aspirtions for the New Year

2018 Intentions: Goals for the New Year

I was hesitant to write this post.  I realized that once I put my intentions into writing it would make them real and then I would be accountable.  And that is scary #REALTALK.  Being accountable, for my intentions, not only to myself but also to those around me. 

The thing about intentions and goals is always the follow through. I mean let’s be honest- setting intentions is the easy part- it is what happens afterwards that matters the most.  Creating and coming up with things to work on is really easy to do as I am the biggest critic of myself.  To be able to follow through on these intentions is going to be where the real work comes in.  Being accountable to someone always seems to help me accomplish goals and so here I go… you are my audience and my accountability.  My plan is to check in periodically, here with you guys, on these intentions.

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family intentions

This is more than just about spending time with the family.  It’s about the “kind” of time I spend with the family and how we structure our famly.  And it’s about changing our current routine and making our time meaningful and purposeful.  

  • Play with Declan everyday.  Sit down and engage with him in his world with his toys.  At least once a day.  
  • Have one date night with Brendan every month.  
  • Allow Declan and Brendan more time alone to strengthen their relationship 
  • Volunteer at Declan’s school 
productivity intentions 

I want to work smarter not harder.  I am working on being consistent. 

  • Diversify the blog to include new categories of posts and maybe even videos! 
  • Research and explore apps, planners, tools and techniques to help accomplish everyday tasks.  
  • Create reasonable and manageable to-do lists 
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personal time intentions 

Taking care of myself needs to become more important to me.  I need my time and I need to stimulate my mind. 

  • Broaden my pleasure reading list to include non-fiction (send any recommendations) and expand my current podcast lineup. 
  • Begin daily meditation and/or journaling 
  • Take a photography class
health and wellness intentions

Taking care of my body is becoming increasingly important as I am not getting any younger! 

  • Continue to strengthen my body through workouts 
  • Prioritize finding a long-term solution to my back injury 
  • Try one new recipe a week and learn to cook ethnic type foods.  
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As we are already settling into the new year it is time I get going on these goals.  Some are huge lifestyle changes and some are small tweaks to our already established life.  As I think about 2018 I am anxious and nervous.  I feel like 2017 was such a big year for me and for the family that to keep that sort of momentum going is hard.  Maybe that is part of it… maybe this coming year will be a more grounded year.  In reality, if every year is monumental then it inherently it becomes mundane.  I don’t want that either.  Each year comes with highs and lows.  Its how we ride those waves that matters.  

So here’s to 2018.  Hoping for a grounded, happy, memorable year; a graceful ride through the waves.  Share with me your goals, intentions or resolutions- let’s be accountable together.  

With Love, 

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2 thoughts on “2018 Intentions: Goals for the New Year

  • Reply Eric January 6, 2018 at 9:11 am

    Best of luck on your intentions. I also have several intentions for the future. I think I’m going to steal a couple from your list. I especially like the idea of learning to cook more ethnic foods. I don’t know if I can do it once a week, I’m going to shoot for once a month. Thanks for the insightful post.
    Best of luck staying on track,

    • Reply pishtoposh January 7, 2018 at 1:58 pm

      Thanks Eric! Let me know how the cooking goes and if you try any recipes worth sharing!

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