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My New Sleeve

Welcome to Pish to Posh.  I have been dreaming of this for some time and I am so excited to finally share with you all the content that has been occupying most of my brain for who knows how long.  This journey started when my husband, Brendan, came to me and asked if I wanted to move ourselves and our, then one and half year old, son to London.  Yes!!! Yes!!! I want to move to London.  I want to break free, I want to challenge myself, I want to raise my child in a city of culture, history and experiences, I want to create memories with my family that will last a life time, I want to finally be the person know myself to be.  We packed up our stuff, shipped it aboard and what did not fit was left with my parents. Away we went- to another continent- to another country- to another life.  But I guess to play to honest game this journey really started long before London… it started late one night when I realized I was not suited to continue to live the life of other peoples perceptions.  It started when I decided to live my dreams and not live for fear.  It started, quietly, in my head with a dream and a hidden passion.  Now, many of you know I am a passionate person, that I wear my emotions on my sleeve…but I am ready to wear a new kind of sleeve… one that is filled with honesty, integrity and a little bit of humor.  This blog is the fruition of years of soul searching, of late night tears with my husband, of falling down and getting back up, of traveling my own path, of breaking away from what others perceive and learning to live what I believe.

Throughout the blog you will find find snippets and a window into my daily life: my fashion, my experiences, my family and my thoughts – I am opening my world up to you all.  My unique perspective on all the above is just that- my perspective.  Take it for it is worth- enjoy the comedic commentary- update pieces of your wardrobe- be inspired- or just enjoy a quick read- but always know I am speaking from my heart.  I love my life and I want to share it with you.

I am so thrilled to finally share with you Pish to Posh…. a blog about life, fashion, journeys and family.  Get ready- its going to be AMAZING!!!

These photos were taken last fall- when my mother came to visit- we wanted to capture a small piece of this experience through a camera lense- Salcott Road was our first London address and while we have since moved these photos express our love for this amazing city.  I can not wait for you to see more of my favorite spots around the city.

SHOP THE LOOK:  Joules Cable Knit Poncho in gray // Flying Monkey Skinny Stretch Jeans in rapid rivers // Merona Heather Crew Tee in sand // Hunter Original Back Adjustable in navy // David Yurman Pearl ring // MIchael Kors Camille Chornograph in rose gold // Betsey Johnson Gold Tone Crystal Stud 

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