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    Shoulda Coulda Woulda in White Denim

    white denim


    I am currently living in a perpetual state of shoulda coulda woulda (lets call it SCW for short).  I think it is perfectly normal and perfectly natural to question and hypothesize about the SCW’s of life but at what point does it become unhealthy? According to Urban Dictionary (which is clearly a relevant source here) the definition of shoulda, coulda, woulda is as follows:

    Meaning that it is of no use to dwell on what should have (shoulda), could have (coulda) or would have (woulda) happened/been done.
    Said as an attempt to shorten a discussion that focuses on the past, thus providing no solution to an actual problem.

    This definition could not be more true in that thinking about the SCW offers no actual solution to a problem.., but then why am I living in a world where I am ALWAYS thinking about this.  What if I hadn’t moved to London? What if Brendan and I hadn’t gone on that trip? What if Declan’s health had been “normal”? Should I have really started a blog? Could we really move back to Colorado and expect to slide back into life?

    You know what friends…. I am finding the answers to all those questions unattainable and unmanageable.  The reality is that we did move to London, we did go on that trip, Declans health was impacted, I did start a blog and we did move back to Denver.  I want to believe that our lives are not dictated by our past but I am coming to the realization (in ways I never anticipated) that my future, is so very much impacted by what happened in my past.  Climbing out of this cycle, I am finding, is extremely challenging.  Trying to only think about the future and making decisions based on what I want for the future seems GREAT in theory… but what I am running up against is how to not allow my previous decisions to impact how I make future decisions.  I feel there is value in remembering previous decisions as it allows me to make more educated and informed choices the next time- or so I think…. BUT what happens when it doesn’t?  When it becomes a burden to your decision making process or in my case a downright road block; it is impossible to not live in the SCW world.  So here I am… wondering and thinking about all the choices I have made in the last several years and how impactful they have been on my ability to make future choices.  This time I do not actually have an answer…

    shop the look: Denim // tank // shoes // bag <Similar> // sunglasses 

    You know one choice I have made that I do not think much about is the decision to wear white denim all year long!!! And especially in the spring (before it get so hot in the summer you can not wear pants).  I love white denim as a way to lighten up any look and add a fresh vibrant flare.  I wear these babies all the time.  I love to pair black and white together as a classic sleek look and these white denim and this scalloped hem tank are the perfect pair for a sunny spring day.  I have been crushing on Nordstrom Rack and this tank was one an obvious choice!  I love the how this tank has eyelet detail on the top and the scalloped hem on the bottom.  I paired the whole look with a bright bag to add a little color to a very neutral outfit.  Black and white, in any fashion, is one of my favorite combos.  White denim is here to stay and adding a dainty little black tank is the prefect way to keep your denim classic and sleek.

    past to present

    It is hard not to dwell on the choices I made in the past especially those that did not have favorable outcomes (both long and short term) and so I am committed to remembering that in the moment I made them it was with positive intent and all relevant information available at the time. I can honestly say I do not regret many choices made in the past but in the recent months I have had an abundance of times of doubt, rethinking and wondering.  Have I made perfect decision; certainly not.  Have I learned from those; certainly I have.  But as I continue on I am reminded to not let old choices taint, sway or determine what I want for the future.  Our past has a way of reminding us of how important it is to be intentional and thoughtful going forth… and I choose to strive to remember that each day.

    With Love,

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    Moments in Time with Jord Watches

    Unique Watch

    Those moments… the ones you want to capture and cherish forever.  The times you never want to forget.  The moments in your life that make it worth living.  Let’s talk about time.  And how I try to keep it.

    As a mother I wear many different hats; most mothers do.  And each day I am given 24 hours to make the most of my time.  The challenge of ensuring I get everything done I need to is daunting, to say the least.  Plus I do not want all of my moments in time to be spent on chores, errands and to-do lists…. SO I have started to be much more intentional and diligent with my time.  It is important that I separate work from mom from wife from friend time.  Each day I strive to set aside a moment here or there to ensure I am attending to each of these aspects in my life, each day I spent time thinking about all of these things and everyday I strive to use my time wisely and never waste a moment.  I never want to look back and wish I spent my time differently, or that I let a moment pass me by.

    I have teamed up with Jord Wood Watches to ensure I never miss another moment in time.  This unique wood watch has been such a staple in ensuring I am making the most of every moment I get whether it be as a mom, as a wife, as a blogger, as a friend and even as an avid almond milk latte drinker (treat yo self)!!  AND GUESS WHAT?????  We want to make sure you never miss a moment either so we are giving away $100 towards your own unique wood watch…. to enter click here and then read on!!!

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    Shop the look: watch // joggers // linen tunic // sandals // tote // necklace

    I am so in love with this watch and I wear it non-stop.  I love how unique and original the wood is and I LOVE the face size.  It is easily worn alone as a statement piece or paired with stacking bracelets!!  As a fairly busy lady I try, my hardest, to be on time and as a fashion blogger I try, my hardest, to remain stylish.  This watch helps me accomplish both and therefore I never miss a moment….

    As an exclusive reader to my blog  and my friend- I want you to feel happy with your time and in your moments… therefore I have teamed with with Jord Watches to host a giveaway… all you have to do is enter HERE.  You automatically get $25 to spend on your own unique wood watch and you could win $100… TREAT YO SELF!!!!  Enter HERE.  Spend a few minutes browsing their sight I promise you will fall in love with this brand. (contest runs until May 14 @ 11:59 pm).

    In other news, I just got these joggers and I am obsessed… like actually.  Talk about the perfect momiform… these babies are so soft, so comfortable and a great alternative to the athleisure legging.  I paired them with this linen tunic and lace bralette.  I am all for casual and comfortable and love a good street-wear look.  Linen is great in the summer because it is so breathable and I am really anxious to get to wear this beauty more.  Given the recent snow in Denver I am really hoping spring steps up!!!!

    those moments

    Remembering how important it is to cherish and to live in the moment is something I have been consciously working on for many months.  Sometimes I knock it out of the park and some days it takes all my energy to even pretend.  It is a balancing act- I guess I am learning that each and every day is just that- a bunch of moments in time.  But I want so badly to remember the moments that make up my life- that make up Declans childhood- that build my marriage.  Making sure I am present, both in time and in the moment, is top of my list.  Let me check the time… oh, gotta run- it’s time to create some new moments.

    With Love,

    P.S. Enter the giveaway…  make the time! HERE


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    Balance in Bloom

    Boy Mom Moment

    So this marks my first official “mom” blog post.  Finding the ever fleeting “mom balance” lies ahead.

    Since the launch of Pish to Posh  I have tried to keep Declan separate but I have learned time and time again that, for me, I can not do that.  Declan is my world…. Declan is my grounding rock and on some days my only friend.  Declan makes me laugh harder and love more intensely than I ever imagined.  He reminds me to slow down and look at life through the lens of a child; very matter of fact like.  There is no subjective undertone when he is talking to me and asking me questions, he has no hidden agenda- he is only three. I crave to spend time with Declan and I have the worst FOMS  (fear of missing something) as a mother. I want to be there at every step of his growth, I want to be the one to teach him everything he knows. I never want to see him fail and I so desperately want to be involved in EVERY single aspect of his life ….except when I don’t.

    And that my friends is real life.

    Sometimes I want to run away and never look back.  There are days where I question every life decision I have made that has led me to the point where I am having another conversation as to why we can’t flush the dog down the toilet.  Believe it or not sometimes I want to sit down and eat dinner without a continous battle over whether one or two bites is enough to earn a cookie.  There are days where I would love to read a book without having trains, trucks and dinosaurs trampling me.  And do you know what I would give to drink a cup of coffee or wine uninterrupted????  I am not the parent who is obsessed with their child.  I am obsessed with being a mother and I am obsessed with providing the very best for my child but I am the first to admit that I crave balance between being a mother and being a woman.  There is nothing I want more in life than to love and spoil my son… the appropriate amount.  I am not that mom.  Does that make me a bad mom???  Sometimes it may seem that way and some may say it does but for me finding the balance is the only way I can continue to strive to be the best mother for Declan.

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    I am by no means an expert on parenting but I can say with a lot of confidence that I am an expert on parenting Declan.  There is no one who knows him like I do, there is no one who gives up as much as I do and there is no one who loves him like I do. And because of that I know that the balance we have of time together and time apart is what keeps our relationship strong.  It is because I know him so well that I understand he needs socialization and play, it is because I give up so much that I allow myself  to take time to nurture my soul and it is because I love him so much that I seek time without him.  Love makes the heart grow fonder and I find the more I miss Declan the more I crave to be with him.


    Some of you know but many do not that Declan had serious medical issues at birth ( a whole other blog post to come) but an immediate and overwhelming need to protect and care for my son was thrown upon me as he was rushed to the NICU, after an unplanned immediate c-section, where he lived for 4 long weeks.  My path as a mother lead me to quit my job and stay home with Declan.  The first 18 months were challenging to say the least (my goal is not to attract sympathy but to provide background). However out of those months we formed a bond that I am confident we would not have if it not been for his medical issues.  HOWEVER, now that he is a 100% healthy, thriving, inquisitive, mischievous and flourishing toddler it is time for us to figure out what the next chapter holds.  Our bond as mother and son is unbreakable so I am not afraid to create some space… for both of us to learn… for both of us to grow… to find some balance and for both of us to bloom.

    I hope that with these new “mom blog” posts you will continue to see the message behind my writing and that you come to expect the same honest and truthful nature I try to capture each week.  Writing about motherhood is harder than I had anticipated but I want to be authentic in this space.  It is less about the fashion (although Declan is a total ham in front of the camera) and more about my desire to connect with each of you on some level.  I know that not all of you are mothers but I hope, even you, will come back each week for a little insight into my everyday world as a women, blogger and MOTHER.

    With Love,



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    Branding: Floral Dress

    Spring Floral Dress

    Surprise!! A Monday post!  Floral Dress and Branding!!

    Over the last several weeks I have been working on figuring out how blogging fits into my Denver life. To recap- 3 years ago I quit my job as a teacher because my son needed me at home with him, then we moved to London, I started Pish to Posh (in London) after craving something for myself, we moved back home and now I am blogging in Denver.  So… like any brand I am learning what is successful, learning where I need to grow and learning how to survive.  Being in Denver has offered some amazing support and I have met so many wonderful ladies!!  I have also had some opportunities come my way that I otherwise would not have…. But I am still branding myself (and not with a hot prod iron).  Each day I am figuring out how to rejoin a life, here in Denver, that did not exist before I moved is challenging.  When I started Pish to Posh I had a steep learning curve but felt I had accomplished a lot by the time we got ready to move.  Now here in Denver I am, again, facing a steep learning curve… learning how to come back to a life that I never had.  So, I have physically returned to a place but the landscape looks completely different.

    If we think about branding as self-growth we all start somewhere and then we grow… or don’t.  I am determined to be the girl who grows both in my Pish to Posh brand and in myself.  I never want to be stagnant. I never want to be just “good enough”.  But I am also aware and continuing to learn the sacrifices one must make in order to grow.  How high of a price is too high- both in my branding, so monetarily and in my self-growth, so emotionally??  A few friendships have been lost but I have gained so many more.  Some dollars have be spent but I am beginning to see the light (albeit dim).

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    shop the look: Dress // Shoes // Bag // BRACELET

    In this post I want to introduce you to a new online boutique I have fallen in LOVE with!  Everly Oak offers such cute, stylish pieces at a great price (this post is not sponsored by them).  I was turned on to the brand through their Instagram and you should be following them if you are looking for unique, affordable, trendy pieces.  I loved this floral dress at fist sight and am so happy I purchased it.  The floral trend is so hot and I am eating it up!  I love this floral dress because it is light, comfortable and versatile. I wore it here with these lace up sandals but would absolutely pair it with flats sandals, booties, or even flip flops.  I love the unique tie neck and the overall fit of this floral dress.  These stacked heel lace up sandals are so comfortable and chasing  my toddler around I need this.  And if you follow me on Instagram you know I have some serious back problems and these do not hurt my back at all.  I paired this dress with this neutral structured bag but think a spring straw tote would be fabulous as well!!  Below I have linked a few other floral dresses as this exact one is only available through Everly Oak’s online store.

    understanding moving along

    I understand that in this journey to create a brand and an lilfe I am proud of I will encounter road blocks, I will face challenges and I will be let down.  But I hope that I continue to stay true to myself full knowing the sacrifices, consequences and outcomes may cause me some pain.  It is hard to create a brand without those things.  It is hard to act on self-growth without those things.  My morals, values and passions still stand at the root of my journey.  It is my hope to continue to surround myself with people who support me, with like-minded individuals and creating a brand I am proud of.

    With Love,

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    Sundays: Graphic Tanks & Distressed Denim


    Happy Wednesday- not to be confused with the title of this post.. it is not Sunday.  It is still only Wednesday.

    In effort to continue to be authentic and organic in this space I wanted to share a little about my life, here in Denver, as the wife of a husband who travels 100% of the time.  When I say he travels 100% I mean he leaves on Sunday night and returns either Thursday night or Friday. On a good week Brendan spends three nights sleeping at home.  As a consultant his job is dictated by the client… not his family.

    Each Sunday I say goodbye to my favorite person. I get asked A LOT how I am handling having Brendan travel all the time and to be honest I am doing okay… but I miss him.  Sundays are my least favorite day of the week.  This lady lives for Thursday and Friday. While Brendan is gone, I go on about my everyday life—I a mother and toddlers are high demand—but my mind is perpetually on him and what he is doing… but in my heart, I’m okay with our situation.  I am blessed and fortunate enough to stay home with Declan, to write a blog and pursue my passions and for those reasons I am thankful for Brendan’s job.  In any relationship, each person has to learn to give a little and take a little and luckily we have found that perfect balance.  Believe it or not this travel gig is not all bad; Brendan has learned the balance of work and family, I have deepened my love and appreciation for him; I value and cherish our time together; I am more thoughtful in my conversations and intentional with our time. And you know what…??? Declan gets a lot of one on one attention from both of us and I cannot see any downside to that.

    Photos: Zoey Grace Photography 

    shop the look: denim // tank // cardigan // necklace // tote// mules 

    So, I love these distressed denim jeans and I love this graphic tank… obviously! I know you have seen these distressed denim in a few other posts <here> and <here> but I love them that much.  It is my goal to keep denim under $100 and these babies not only meet that criteria but they also have some really good distressing and I love how easy they are to wear with ANYTHING.  This graphic tank was a sweet Target find and for only $12 I swooped it up ASAP.  Plus it fit perfectly with the theme of this post and so I felt it was a match made in heaven.  I will also pair this graphic tank with a lace bralette and denim shorts as the weather gets warmer.  The graphic tee craze is a real thing and I feel like I finally found one I love.

    LADIES!!!! Another fabulous statement necklace coming your way!!!  This one is, also, a Target find! You know how much I love a good statement necklace and I can’t help but swoon all over this one!  This duster length cardigan first appeared <here> in my Easter post but I literally wear it so often that it is only fitting it shows up again.  It is currently on sale for $25 and it is a must have for spring and summer-I promise you will get a lot of wear out of it.  These slip on mules are getting a lot of wear now that the weather is consistently warmer.  I have linked a few pairs in a lower price range.

    the truth in his travel

    Declan and I have a routine and in all honesty our weekdays fly by while we wait for Dad to return. In the last two and half months I have learned that I depend on Declan just as much as he depends on me.  The weekends have become the most important days and our focus to spend time as a family is of up-most importance.  Brendan is an AMAZING father and his travel will never change that. Does it get lonely???  Yes, of course it does. However,  at the end of the day I would not give back my personal growth as a mother and a wife for anything and therefore I would not give back his travel; it has taught me as much as it has taught him.  I am strong and I can do this.  But Sunday… I wish you were Thursday

    With Love,



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    Hoppy Easter

    Hoppy Easter!!! (super corny I know!)

    Easter is often looked upon as a time of “rebirth”.  As a Christian and someone who celebrates Easter I must confess that this year is the first in many where I have taken the time to reflect on the meaning of this holiday.  Now, I am not going to preach at you nor will this post be heavily loaded with religion but as you have come to know I try to be honest in my writing.  This Easter brings some new and different reflections.  As Easter is in spring and spring is a time of regrowth, rebirth and starting anew I could not help but to see a parallel between my life and this Easter season.

    Over the last few weeks you may have noticed (or not, which would be great) that I have been a bit off or a bit scatterbrained and even a bit negative.  At the beginning I thought it was just because I did not want to leave London but as time has gone on it is has become more apparent there are deeper feelings here.  I have felt, for some time, a serious dichotomy between my life here on the blog and social media and my life offline…. they did not seem to mirror each other.  I am in control of what I put out into cyberspace and I took great care to showcase myself in the best light possible- to be fair to myself who wouldn’t?!?  BUT it is time that I begin to showcase my life as I see it everyday.  As a stay at home mother and a wife.

    Photos: Zoey Grace Photography 

    Shop My look: dress // cardigan // booties // earrings 
    shop Declans look: pants // polo // sport coat // sneakers 
    shop Brendans look: pants // polo // shoes // watch 

    Dressing for Easter is one of my favorite things because it always reminds me of getting dressed up as a little girl.  This year we are spending Easter in Chicago with Brendan’s family and I am so very excited to get dressed up.  Finding my whole outfit at Old Navy was a pleasant surprise for me as I went in looking for some stuff for Declan.  I am loving this duster length cardigan and this pin tuck dress- both easy to wear, trendy and comfortable.  Declan’s sport coat was a random find but isn’t it just ADORABLE. I am one who does not like to spend a lot of money on clothes for my three year old boy as they either end up with food, dirt or boogers on them so I was happy to find his Easter outfit for under $25.  These skinny chinos and this bicycle polo still allow him to run around yet look put together.    Brendan’s classic style suits him so well as he just loves his chambray and polos– it is seriously his dadiform!!!

    rebirth of Pish to Posh

    It is time that I begin to weave my online life with my real life… starting with the fact that I am a mom and wife and a friend.  I started this blog as something for myself and worked very hard at keeping it separate from my life as a mother and a wife… but over time that has becoming impossible to keep up.  Rightfully so!  Do I still love fashion- yes!!  Do I still want to inspire you to feel good through fashion- yes!!! Are there are other aspects to me that I want to share with you- YES!!!!   I am more than just a fashionable person (and somedays I am not even that) and there are so many pieces that make me whole.  My goal to inspire you remains at the core of my journey but I want to inspire you to be real and authentic in your own life- to cherish and foster your passions, to admittedly accept your challenges and to be proud of all the things that make you whole.  So, as we approach Easter Sunday and celebrate the rebirth of Christ I am anxious to begin to rebuild, regrow and refine my blog and social media to showcase that I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a lover of Sauvignon Blanc, a passionate lifestyle fashionista, a little girl at heart, an avid recipe experimenter and an entrepreneur.

    I hope you continue to travel this path with me- I hope you find inspiration for yourself-

    With Love,

    Make sure to subscribe so you never miss a post- some exciting things are coming soon!!!


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    Six Months: Spring Blush

    Happy Hump Day!! It’s officially the season before summer… time to bring out the spring blush.

    Last week Pish to Posh celebrated it’s 6 month anniversary, small potatoes compared to many other blogs you read, however a large benchmark for me.  When I set out on this adventure I was not exactly sure where I was headed… I had an idea and a grandiose vision but a less than detailed road map on how to get there.  My main goal was to inspire you, the reader/follower, to feel comfortable, confident and happy through style.  Secondarily, was to introduce you to the true person I felt myself to be and to break down any pre-conceived notions of who I was in the past.  To be able to redefine myself as someone I am proud to be, someone my son is happy to call mom, someone my husband is honored to call his wife was the launching point of this adventure…. so, how have I done???  The reality is that I am only as successful (to a point) as you feel inspired, empowered and enlightened… have I accomplished those goals???

    Not yet.

    But each day I am learning more on how to achieve those goals and after six months I can successful say that has been the most rewarding challenge; figuring out how to succeed and achieve without a set out plan or path to follow.  Sure, I read hundreds of other blogs, I spend countless hours on Pintrest and Instagram and yes I do a fair amount of shopping but I had NO idea how much more there was to blogging…. I had NO idea how much I did not know… I had NO idea how much I needed to learn.  Truth be told, looking back, I was completely and utterly unprepared for this adventure.  Figuring out how to style distressed skinnies, finding the most “on trend” shoes and sampling beauty products has proven to be such a small part of what I do each day.  At the end of the day all the fashion, photography and beauty products are not what makes me happy it is the fact that each day I continue down this path, of blogging, I am learning a great deal about myself.  I am slowly becoming that person I am proud to be- the person I want all of you to see… my true self.

    Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

    shop the look: denim // top // sneakers // clutch // cardigan // sunnies

    Each time I do a photo shoot I learn more about defining my style, defining my look and really honing my craft.  This look is one of my absolute favorites over the last six months.  I am obsessed with everything in this look.  This blush top  is the perfect go-to spring item.  The delicate blush ruffle hem makes this top super fun and feminine.  This blush top does come in several other colors and I have linked a few similar ones on the widget below.  These distressed denim have been the best purchase this season. I wear them constantly and find they are super versatile.  I love to pair them with sneakers, like these copper ones, but they are also easily dressed up with some wedges or heels.  Speaking of shoes let’s all just take minute to talk about these sneakers.  I am constantly wearing these (especially given all the weird weather in Colorado).  They are so comfortable, super sleek and easy to pair with everything.

    The accessories for this look are pretty simple with a neutral clutch, easy tear-drop earrings and a chunky cardigan.  I wanted to highlight the blush tones of both the top and shoes.  I have linked several options in additional price points for this whole look (something I have learned to do over the last six months).

    always learning

    When I launched Pish to Posh last September I thought I felt confident in who I was, what I stood for and my future.  And then I put my whole life on the internet.. I opened myself up to subjective and personal criticism, I provided an avenue for people to judge me and I consciously added myself to career of comparison…. AND six months later I am no worse for the ware.  Each day is not perfect and there are times I have doubted myself and my ability to do this (thank you Brendan for not letting me quit) but every day I push myself to continue I am enlightened, inspired and challenged by something new.  There are no two days that are the same nor two challenges that are the same. I am constantly being pushed to refine myself and my brand.  The last six months have given me a fresh perspective on hard work, on the road less traveled and on personal growth.

    Thank you for following along… I only hope to grow, to continue to inspire you and to provide an authentic portrayal of who I am and the person I am proud to be.

    With Love,