5 Great Planners to Help You Get Organized in 2018

So here we are in mid- January and I am just getting this post out… so it should be obvious I need a new planner!  Ha.  And in my quest to find one I came across so many good ones that I wanted to share my top 5 with you.  These all have many similar features but differ in a few ways.   For me, I love to write things down. I love to make lists and to create hand written memos.  So I was excited to find so many great planners that offer both organizational elements but areas for lists, thoughts and memos.

Planner Break Down

To start I should say that I love planners.  Love planners.  I would have gotten all five if I could.  Despite not needing five planners I want all five.  I did purchase and am loving the Erin Condren one and had it personalized with my initials.  The reason I am loving it is due to the freedom and blank pages it offers.  It does have each month laid out but then it provides you with a blank slate for each week thereafter.  So, this planner fit my needs in order of showing me the year at a glance but offered me the freedom to create lists and plan each week without the restraints of dates.

Now, if you need a planner with daily dates provided and the whole year laid out for you I would suggest the Plum Paper Planner as it offers exactly that.  Additionally this one is completely customizable with everything you would need in a planner. You can add sections, take out sections, make the orientation vertical or horizontal.  This baby also offers a teacher edition for my educators out there!!

I included the traditional Bullet Journal Planner for those of you who have that artistic edge.  I lack that.  But if I loved to doodle and to draw and was good at visual planner and spatial planning I would have swooped this one up in a heartbeat!

If you are a more traditional gal who wants a regular planner with a monthly spread and dates then go with the Anthropolgie Infinite Planner.  It is the most expensive one listed but sometimes it costs us to get organized.  Last, but not least, is the Eco-Friendly Passion Planner for my nature lovers!  It has an interchangeable eco-sleeve and classic booklet.

Whatever your organization style I am hoping one of these planners speaks to you!  If you are more into the digital planning and keep your schedule on your devices just hold tight as I am working on a post of the best apps for organization!


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  • Rebecca Lunceford

    You may be familiar with William Hannah from your time in London, but they have beautiful refillable notebooks with a variety of page types – weekly plan, to do list, calendar, striped, grid, dot – and you can mix & match the pages

    January 19, 2018 at 12:29 pm Reply
    • pishtoposh

      Great!! Thanks for the recommendation. Keep them coming- I love finding new stuff. Will check it out!

      January 22, 2018 at 9:37 am Reply

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