Book Roundup: Current Favorites, On The List + Daily Inspirational

Hey Loves!  Happy Thursday.  I am not sure about you but I am really ready for this weekend…. this week is dragging on for me.  Maybe it is all this back stuff and the uncertainty of whether I will be able to walk each day.  Believe me when I saw I know it could be a lot worse.  Each day I am thankful and give praise that the pain and uncomfortablenesss is as minimal as it is. 

Yes, I am in pain and my legs are numb and I can’t pick Declan up or perform normal daily tasks…. but it could be so much worse.  

The silver lining to all this laying around and early to bed is the number of great books I am getting to read.  Since that is about all I can do I wanted to share my ‘Current Favorites’ and my “Up Next’ lists.   

 must read books

You guys this category could take up so many pages as I feel like every time I read a new book it becomes my new favorite book.  Reading is something I love to do to escape and to feel alive.  Getting lost in a book is one of my favorite things yet I am doing it less and less.  I gravitate towards fiction books about WWII, gangs and the Holocaust.  My least favorites are mystery/fantasy and  thrillers.  I just don’t get them.  Ha.  Here are three of my top books; right now anyway!

  1. What Alice Forgot  by Liane Moriarty.  This author may sound familiar if you read or watched Big Little Lies (which I also recommend).  What Alice Forgot had me from the first page as Alice wakes up in an ambulance however she can only remember heading to spin class earlier that morning.  It is a journey of what her life is vs. what her life could have been and as each day passes and she regains her memory you are drawn into thinking about the ‘what if’s’ of your own life.  This one had me wondering where my life would have been if I had made different choices.  
  2. We Were The Lucky Onesby Georgia Hunter.  Alright, to preface I will and have read everything to do with the Holocaust.  This is another one of my favorites.  Like so many other devastating Holocaust books this one tells the story of a family torn apart by the war.  It is told from the perspective of all the different family members and the experiences, feelings and emotions they each encounter as war breaks out in Europe.  An absolute must read. 
  3. Americanahby Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Slow going but worth the read.  This great book mixes race, immigration, love, destiny, heartbreak, culture and politics into one.  Race and love are seamlessly intertwined when two Nigerian immigrants end up on very different paths to escape their home country.  Yet politics and heartbreak weave there way through the novel as the characters figure out their true identities away from and within their home country.  
books on the docket 

One my resolutions for 2018 was to incorporate more non-fiction into my reading rotation.  So I have included two I think I would enjoy.  Are there any you would recommend??  To be honest the list of books I want to read is like 100’s long so it was tough selecting just three.

  1. My Absolute Darlingby Gabriel Tallent.  Without knowing much about this one except reading the reviews I was immediately drawn to the opening scene of a dad testing his daughter on vocabulary and then a gun appears on the table.  It appears to be a story of feminine power and making your own life despite your past.  Luckily for Amazon Prime I will have it this weekend!!!  Can not wait to get going on this one.  
  2. Fire and Furry by Michael Wolff.  Now, let’s not attack me or place judgement.  Despite my political affiliation or who I voted for this book received so much hype I think it is worth the read.  I may learn a thing or two, I may form or deny some opinions but I suspect I will be happy to have read it upon completion.  
  3. Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Lifeby Sally Bedell Smith.  As many of you know we lived in London for 18 months and since then I have taken an interest in the Royal Family.  And my husband has been praising this book for some time.  I think so much of what we see about The Royals is from the perspective of the Queen and media that I am anxious to see what the heir to the throne has to say! 
daily inspirational books

Every morning (or nearly) I set my alarm to get up before everyone else.  The quiet stillness of the house first thing is my favorite time of day and  I use this time for my daily reads.  I would classify myself as a spiritual person as well as very reflective. Over the last several months I have found a lot of support and inspiration in these books. 

  1. Only Love Today by Rachel Macy.  Every morning she inspires me, gives me things to think and honesty helps me frame my day for happiness, success and peace.  Truth be told I find myself coming back to her words almost everyday.  No matter the excerpt or the passage there is always something so relatable and applicable to my life.  I HIGHLY recommend this one.  
  2. The Daily Soul Sessions… For Every Mama by Kacey Coppola Morreale.  So, I was given a copy of this book prior to publication as one of the authors is a personal friend.  I got the honor of reading excerpts and providing my review for the book cover.  I was immediately drawn to the authentic and organic nature in which these ladies empower moms.  They are real, truthful yet hopeful.  It is an interactive book that calls you to journal, reflect and act.  Every mama needs this. 
  3. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.  Its fun.  You scribble, cut, glue, destroy and create.  It is like a whole childhood of art projects and tasks in one book… but for adults.  Get your crayons and scissors.  Your imagination and artsy side are let loose… even if you don’t think you have one.  I use this one to doodle, to zone out and get thoughts off my mind.

I am ALWAYS looking for recommendations and new reads.  And while I do not read nearly as much as I would like to… you know #momlife I am committed to reading each day.  Even if it is only for 10 minutes before I fall asleep.  Tell me: What are you currently reading??

With Love, 


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