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Shine Bright- Leaving a Lasting Impression

Rose gold and wrap bracelets (I promise by the end you will understand the title of this post).  One is a long time obsession and one is new.  Rose gold has been my metal color of choice for many years now- in fact I have sent my my watch in twice, due to abundant wear, for “refreshing” and wrap bracelets are becoming my new wrist go-to.

I love the stacking bracelet trend – the multiple single strands really adds an element of dimension- but I am starting to really love the wrapped look.  It adds depth, often times color and hugs your wrist in all the right places.  I like the thickness of a wrap bracelets- I love the one piece layered look- I love the bit of uniqueness it offers to a simple outfit- simply put I am embracing this trend and am loving it.  Typically I gravitate towards the beaded varieties- but the leather and rope styles certainly fall in a close second.

Onto rose gold… I am not sure I have enough space, or you care to read, to even begin to express my obsession with rose gold.  Shoes, watches, earrings, rings, iPhone, iPad case, bracelets (although not a wrap one yet), sandals, nail color, sunnies… the list goes on.  The feminine and girly nature of rose gold is initially what drew me to it and then the neutrality and accessibility of it solidified my desire to fully embrace it and at times bathe (figuratively) myself in it!  My Michael Kors watch was the first rose gold purchase I made and I haven’t slowed down… it is easy to mix with gold or silver or both- it is versatile enough to be worn with black in the winter or bright white in the summer- with its soft hues and glimmering shine it looks good on all skin tones- it can be very elegant and fancy or a bit more casual by complimenting your favorite skinnies and a hoodie– adding a few diamonds to rose gold is like HEAVEN for me (check out “A Girl Can Dream” on my homepage).  All around rose gold ranks at the top of my must have list!

These small, normally shimmery, additions to my closet make such an impact- they are often tiny but always powerful- they leave an impression of happiness… again my aspirations in life mirrors those of my fashion obsessions- shine bright- be powerful and bold- leave a lasting impression of happiness. Exploring life with a shiny outlook was not always easy for me- at times I would struggle to find the good, to find the “silver-lining” or to see past the negative and would get hung up on the challenges… these days, while I am not perfect and still have bad days (really, who doesn’t??) I always try to end my day with a thought of positivity.   Some nights I can celebrate the whole day and some nights it is one small thing… but before I fall asleep I remember the moments that shine brightly and left a lasting impression of happiness- sweet dreams everyone!

With Love,


Below are a multitude of both my favorite wrap bracelets and rose gold finds- click on the thumbnail to be taken to a retailer for purchasing. Happy Shopping!!!

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