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Studs- Not of the male kind!

Studs. The idea of adding something sharp and/or small to your wardrobe seems fool proof- in fact I see no reason why not to and I am ecstatic this is such an easy trend to embrace. Let’s start with stud earrings. I LOVE LOVE stud earrings- all shapes, all sizes, all colours, all stones, all styles. I have not met a stud I don’t like and actually have such a hard time deciding which ones I need. While there are so many choices I typically gravitate towards rose gold, mixed metals or classic diamonds. I also, typically, choose a rounded shape. For me, I like the consistency of round as it allows for easier mixing and matching- mixing metals, mixing stones, mixing colours. At the end of the day, it’s the little things that matter and studs are those little things that transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Aside from stud earrings I love studded shoes- flats, boots, heels, booties, sandals. But this fall I am obsessing over these studded flats from Dune London. They are the perfect addition to the wardrobe and can transition easily from fall to winter. Pairing them with distressed boyfriend jeans and a sweater adds a bit of sharpness for a fall morning coffee date. They are the perfect complement to a favourite little black dress and can easily be worn with tights on a wintery date night. They are simple, stylish and sophisticated.

I have inked several options for both stud earrings and studded flats. I have included brands available in the UK and options available in the US- I have also attached similar items to accommodate any budget.


Stud Flats (and a few heels):

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