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Stumbling Without Patience

Stumbling upon a perfect pair of shoes (or dress, or bag, or earrings, or sweater).  “Patience is a virtue” we have all heard the saying, we have all tried to live by it and honestly most of us fail miserably (or at least I certainly do!).  I try not to be an impulse buyer- I try to be practical in my purchases and try to have a good wear/cost ratio but when I came across these Steve Madden slip-ons while waiting for our flight to Spain I quickly jumped on the chance to buy them.  They were the perfect shoe I didn’t know I needed until I saw them waiting for me to take them home.  It was like Christmas when we arrived back from holiday and these babies were patiently waiting on the doorstep.  While I didn’t exhibit an ounce of patience in purchasing them I did have to wait until we arrived home, a week later, to enjoy them.

Stumbling can have such a negative connotation that we often spend a great deal of time ensuring we do not stumble- as a mother I spend countless hours reminding Declan to slow down- as professionals we ensure that we do not stumble through a project- as humans we are afraid of stumbling for fear but I can say there is great positive in stumbling (both metaphorically and physically).  Today I learned that stumbling has given me a chance to expand my love for fashion- I see nothing but positive.   Discovering something you never knew you needed but clearly can’t live without is one of the small treasures in life that makes each day a new adventure… who knows what you might stumble upon tomorrow- or next Tuesday- or even next year.  It’s the small joys of finding something you love and loving what you found.

I have linked the pair I purchased along with several others:

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