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    Mom Moments: Finding EXTRAordinary in the Ordinary

    Every single day we are given the gift of hundreds of moments.  Each day we are granted moments with our loved ones.  Days are filled with moments for us to capture and for us to embrace.  And everyday we have moments of ordinary life.  That’s what makes up our life. But what about those moments of extraordinary that happen within our daily moments. 

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    5 Great Planners to Help You Get Organized in 2018


    So here we are in mid- January and I am just getting this post out… so it should be obvious I need a new planner!  Ha.  And in my quest to find one I came across so many good ones that I wanted to share my top 5 with you.  These all have many similar features but differ in a few ways.   For me, I love to write things down. I love to make lists and to create hand written memos.  So I was excited to find so many great planners that offer both organizational elements but areas for lists, thoughts and memos.

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    At Home with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway

    I love being at home.  I love snuggling up with an early morning coffee or relaxing on the couch with glass of wine after a long day.  But both of those guilty pleasures can leave my teeth a little less than brilliant.  Luckily I found a teeth whitener that takes care of that!  Enter Smile Brilliant.  I am giving away one FREE whitening kit- enter HERE.  Just in time for the holidays!

    my story:

    Teeth whitening was always something I wanted to do but never found the time and I was just a little nervous.  At the end of the day it feel on the back burner.  As a busy busy mom and wife I find it hard to fit everything into a short 24 hour period (if I want to sleep at all) so I was excited when Smile Brilliant asked if I wanted to try out this easy at home whitening kit!  I jumped at the opportunity…. your smile says so much about you and I wanted mine to say wonderful things!  You guys… it’s fabulous!  There are no lengthy dentist appointments, no on-going follow up and it works brilliantly (pun intended).  As a daily coffee and tea drinker I was surprised at how well this at-home whitening worked for my teeth.  While I don’t drink red wine (ugh, allergic) I am confident Smile Brilliant would be the perfect whitening option for those of you who enjoy your evening Merlot.

    I know there are a lot of critics of at-home whitening and I am going to say bring it on… Smile Brilliant has thought about all of you.

    the critics silenced

    “Those whitening strips or retainers never fit my teeth so the whitening doesn’t work.” Well, with Smile Brilliant you get to make your own impressions fit to your own teeth.  They send you a putty, you make a mold of YOUR teeth, send it back (in a pre-paid envelope) and they send you personalized plastic trays!  It is so customized and personalized you are set up for success from the first time you whiten.


    “It takes forever to see a change in my teeth.”  Well, patience is a virtue… that you don’t need to have with this kit.  I saw results after the second use.  Seriously.  The kit is designed to be used every day or every other day for a couple of weeks.  And while that sounds a bit long I promise you see results each time.  You can wear your trays anywhere from an hour to three hours a day.  I did about 45 minutes to start and moved my way up to an hour every two days.  I found this routine fit best in my daily schedule.  Find what works for you and go with it.


    ” I have sensitive teeth so I can’t whiten.”  Agreed that with other whitening products this is true BUT NOT with Smile Brilliant as each kit comes with desensitizing gel that actually works.  Use after each whitening session for 25-30 mins and all that sensitivity goes away.  It worked for me!

    my thoughts on results + Giveaway

    Here is the deal… I love the results and I love this product.  While the photo may not seem that dramatic (it is all unedited) I know my smile is cleaner and brighter.  As someone who puts their face all over the internet I can tell you I feel more confident and happy with my smile after using Smile Brilliant.  And to be honest I think the results are much better in person (the photos do not do it justice).  Truth be told it took me a couple tries to really get on a good schedule with whitening and using the kit, I mean I am human. The key is consistency and once I found that it was really easy to use my bleaching trays.  I typically did my whitening just after Declan went to bed while I was picking up from the day and cleaning the kitchen.  In the end I am very happy and satisfied with the results and my smile shows it. Finding what works best for your life is key and I promise the results are all worth it.

    I want to give you all a chance to get a free Smile Brilliant kit- that’s a $139 value.  With the holidays coming (or in full swing) this would be a great gift for yourself!  As you step out for all those parties make your smile stand out.  It is easy to enter!  Just click HERE!!  And for an extra entry subscribe to my blog below.

    Good Luck!!

    With Love,






    How to Whiten Your Teeth

  • Fashion

    The Landscape of Life with Easy and Versatile Pieces

    Is it because I am getting older?  Is it because I live in London?  Or is it because I have finally stepped outside of myself that I have noticed just how amazing the world around me is.  No matter the reason I love the change!  This post is really about how easy versatile pieces can be incorporated  into your wardrobe but we did this shoot in Notting Hill where I was immediately inspired to address my love for the landscape of my life! I, literally mean, my everyday surroundings.  Every time I leave the house I am mesmerized by how beautiful the same common I walk through daily (sometimes three or four times daily) is or just how gorgeous my high street is.  Upon entering a new neighborhood I am in awe of the scenery- the cute little cafe, the sweet children’s store, the beautiful cathedral… just everyday things.

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