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The Return of the Mom….

JEANS.  Mom jeans…. yes, that’s right, the return of the “mom jean”  is a trend. I love my mom.  And when I was younger there were times I wanted to dress like my mom- to wear her makeup or her fancy skirts or maybe her high heels but I can honestly say I NEVER day-dreamed about wearing her jeans- they were mom jeans- blah.

Riddle me this:  after decades of this trend being strictly for 80’s theme parties and costumes to insult the older generation why has this trend decided to rear its ugly face???  I was, recently,  perusing through ZARA  when I stumbled upon these items.  There were tables and rows and large displays advertising the Mom Jean fit-  high wasted, slouchy and slightly (or extremely) distressed.  Many were white washed, or so it seemed.  Later that afternoon I did some online research and realized that this was not just a European young fashion trend but this was a world-wide autumn trend- for all people to wear.  Except me.  

There is nothing flattering nor attractive about these pants… there is an ever present fear of a CT (camel t**)… there is a very clear mental image of the loooooong booty… and certainly not going to endorse semi-pleated front area that accentuates any left over baby weight; not looking for mom gut.  Be serious.

** We can discuss the HR – high rise- trend in another post**


Now to be fair I should address the potential positive notes of this new trend: I will not need to buy a bra as the high wasted can serve as a replacement: I will not  have to spend extra for a Halloween costume this year: I will not need to wear a spanx to keep anything looking tight:  I can re-use my old dance crop-tops (a whole other trend I can not seem to embrace) due to the short space needed to cover my torso: and lastly I will not need to worry about bleach splatter while preforming my daily “mom”duty of laundry.

In conclusion, I am not a fan… nor will you see me styling these pants… but if you are excited about this trend then I support you (not to be confused with supporting the look).  One of the major learnings through this endeavor has been that my style is specific and special to me and that my opinions while strong and voiced are not the only truth.  I started this to have a platform to express myself… to be true to myself and to be truthful in my passions…and I encourage that for everyone- every single “mom jean”wearing woman.  Be truthful.


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