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Thursday Three Bags- Splurge or Save!

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Welcome back to Thursday Three- Splurge or Save Bags edition! Bags (and shoes) are a girls best friend and this week let’s talk about some great bags for any budget.  I am one who tends to splurge a bit more for a bag but I also try to be realistic with my budget.  Today I have rounded up three popular styles and showed both a splurge and a save option.  Don’t worry I have also linked several additional of all three options – click on the widgets for easy shopping straight from the blog.


I love a good tote for the days where I am schlepping all my stuff along with Declans and Brendans.  I usually carry a tote when I know I am going to be shedding layers as I can shove my scarf and hat inside.  My totes have been getting a lot of love as they hold my computer, planner, notebook and ipad- perfect for those who work “from home”.

Splurge Option: The ever popular Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote— it comes in a few sizes.  You can also have this bag personalized (darling touch!).  One of the best totes I have ever owned.  For this gal it was worth the splurge.
Save Option: This tote is a fabulous alternative and the color is great- it also comes in a lighter taupe- it is GIANT.  It hold everything I need.  It is great for traveling- both around town and long distance.

Saddle or Satchel Bag

If this isn’t the hottest trend in bags this season I don’t know what it.  Everyone needs one- they are essential for everyday.  Perfect compliment to the casual OOTD.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures.  You can get them with fringe, studs and even glitter! My absolute go to bag is my black satchel (which was purchased from a high street boutique) and linked here.

Splurge Option: The Chloe Marcie saddle... can we all just take a moment and admire her beauty.  This is on my Wish List for my next big splurge.  It is gorgeous, neutral and the perfect accessory bag for the everyday fashion addict.
Save Option: Finding a save option for this category was not a hard task… there are so many to choose from.  So I focused on finding one that is excellent quality yet still affordable.  This Tory Burch Saddle bag meets and exceeds those expectations.  It is a great “save” choice for those who are looking for a great looking bag with the usability for everyday wear.


Sophisticated, fun, flirty and durable are the qualities I look for in a clutch whether it be a splurge or a save.  Typically I carry a clutch for an evening affair or date night.  I require it to be big enough to hold some cash, my card, lipcolor and phone… doesn’t need to be too big but I prefer a little chunk to the very dainty.  Clutches are an accessory that can really spice up an outfit- while both the choices are black- there are so many color options, prints, sizes, textures, patterns, brands to choose from.  These are just two of my favorites- one save and one splurge.

Splurge Option: The Valentino Rockstud is the perfect splurge clutch.  It is dynamic, timeless and great quality.  It adds immediate flare to any outfit but it simple enough to not take away from your amazing outfit.
Save Option: Katie Loxton designs the cutest things and this clutch is no exception.  I am in love with it and use it every time Brendan and I have a date night. This clutch comes in a ton of other colors each with its own cheeky quote on the front.  Of all the hundreds of choices this is my favorite “save” clutch– simple, sleek and fun.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your Thursday by snagging up a new bag for the weekend- either splurge or save.

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