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Travel by Train

Two things that bring me great joy
  1. Travel by Train- chooo chooo
  2. Loving the clothes I wear
Luckily I get to do both in this amazing CITY


Like many Londoners we do not have a car.  The reality is that we honestly do not need one- everything we need and everything we want is either within a short walk or we can take public transit- bus, train, tube or boat!  And London’s public transportation is nothing short of amazing and is user friendly so much that even my mom has learned to get around a bit.

You know what else is amazing in London…. the F A S H I O N.  But that certainly shouldn’t be news to anyone. I love that I can wear whatever I want in London and always feel comfortable.  It does not matter what I am wearing as there are so many styles and trends around that I am, almost, always happy with what I am wearing.  Some days I leave the house in basic jeans and tee shirt and some days I leave in cotton trousers and studded heels! Either way I am good to go in London.

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Lets get straight to the details of this look.  While I love my denim collection sometimes I get bored so I went searching for something that was equally as comfortable and easy to wear.  And low-and-behold I found these cotton trousers  They are so comfortable, the perfect fit and they are an excellent alternative to denim.  I love the cropped ankle length to show off the shoes.  A black crew neck sweater is a must have  and this one is so soft and cozy.  It is slightly over-sized while still offering a bit of shape and I honestly can not tell you how comfortable it is.  After you buy it you will thank me. I gave it a half tuck to keep it looking polished.  Alrighty, on to the S H O E S!  Moment of truth: I found them at TK MAxx ( our version of TJ Maxx).  But they look just like those uber fabulous designer ones and are a fraction of the price (the linked pair is from DSW). These heels are, surprisingly,  comfortable and you can plan to see them styled many more times.   I would take the train anywhere in these babies!  Plus they add just enough flare to a casual outfit  it is hard to resist the urge to wear them!

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Just click on the product image to be taken directly to retailer for purchase- no need to wait or go looking yourself – I have taken out that step- just click to purchase!! I have included many options for pants, sweater, shoes and tote:


Transportation rules my life

Since moving to London we have really enjoyed all the new adventures.  More often than not we get there by train.  When I say train I am speaking generally as there are many “types” of trains here.  There is National Rail, the Overground, the Underground (more popularly known as The Tube) and there is the Docklands Light Rail or DLR.  That is a lot of information but it helps put into context just how massive the public transportation network is.  Coming from Colorado where I drove everywhere; I  mean everywhere including to my neighbors house seven doors down, the thought of not having a car was a bit daunting.  U P D A T E:  Friends, I have not missed my car at all.  I do not miss driving.  Nor do I miss sitting in traffic.  However, I do miss listening to music in the car.

Just the other day, as I was sitting on the train headed home, it hit me that I will miss this.  When the time comes to move back to the States, I am certain I will miss taking the train (any public transit) so much.  I have seen so many wonderful parts of England and Europe from the train.  Taking the train is relaxing.  It is a time where I can reflect and collect my thoughts.  The ability to watch the world go by has given me so much inspiration and was, in part, the reason Pish to Posh became a reality. I am able to see so much from the train windows that I am confident I would miss if I was driving- not just the landscape but the heart and soul of the city- the people.  I love to people watch (another post idea :-)) and from the train, or bus, I get to see so much.

To be fair there are days that I am a little frustrated with the trains or the bus.  But it is only because I am at the mercy of someone else. I can’t control when the unions go on strike nor can I control when the bus driver decides not to stop where I need to get off.  But at the end of the day the fact I even get to experience all the ups and downs of public transit remind me to be grateful. It reminds me that I live in London.

As always- thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for continuing to read about my life  I hope that in some way I inspire you to live your dreams, to take a chance, to wear or buy that sweater you may have thought “not your style” or to just slow down enough to enjoy getting your mind off life.

With Love,



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  • Reply Nicole Leffew November 11, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    I love this entire outfit!! You are stunning seriously!

    • Reply pishtoposh November 15, 2016 at 2:51 pm

      You are too sweet. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Reply Jenn Thai November 14, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    I love that this ensemble is chic, yet effortlessly casual! Those studded heels are everything!

    Jenn |

    • Reply pishtoposh November 15, 2016 at 2:51 pm

      Thank you so much- they are so comfortable!

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