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Trust Me In My Trainers


Way back when… in middle school I went on a trip, with my classmates and a few teachers, where we hiked, walked, repelled and navigated our way through the dense woods of The Rocky Mountains.  We were given a compass, a map, had to carry our own pack and had 24 hours to find our way to the return bus on the other side of the forest.  It was, at the time, a fun, cool, trendy thing to do…. But looking back it was one of the first experiences I had with learning to trust my instincts, my gut and my fellow human.  I had to assume someone else would not lead me astray and in turn they had to trust the same in me.  In the end, despite some bad navigation, a few wrong turns and couple tumbles we all made it out okay. It was the beginning of my journey to learn to trust.

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What about this casual everyday outfit doesn’t say trust me?!? I’m wearing trainers and pearl earrings… what’s not to trust in that!!!! This sweater arrived in my mother’s suitcase… and was not actually meant to be mine!  But I have stolen it and I have claimed it.  It is amazing and under $40.  I not only styled it for this post but I threw it in my bag for Marrakesh where I wore it exploring the souks, palaces and gardens.  It is not just another beige sweater… okay it is. But who doesn’t need more beige?!? It is easily paired with anything- I mean anything.  You should recognize these denim jeans from this post and as promised I continue to wear them– almost too often, according to my husband.  I love the patchwork and the length- the unfinished hem is my favorite- adds just enough flare.  As these are currently sold out I have linked similar ones <here> and <here>. These T R I A N E R S….. just trust me and get yourself a pair now.  Not tomorrow.  Today.  I have already put miles on them both in London and in Marrakesh.  As ya’ll know I am a pretty casual gal and these are a must have for anyone who also considers themselves casual but likes to keep their looks trendy and sharp.  In fact, as I am sitting on the plane writing this I am wearing this beige sweater and these trainers.  So…. trust me, you need these and you will wear them.

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Since that expedition my life has been one big game of trust.  Each day I get to decide how much trust I will put in someone else or in myself or in my instinct.  Getting married is the ultimate test of trust.  Having a child is the culmination of my ability to demonstrate and show trust to someone else.  Being a friend, and a good friend at that, is rooted in trust- on both sides.  Sometimes I get burned.  By others or by my instincts.  But I have not stopped trusting… I have not stopped offering trust to those I may have betrayed and I have not stopped accepting trust from those who have betrayed me.  Is it easy?? No, at times it is extremely difficult.  Is it worth it??  Yes, every single time.

Trusting in someone else is an act of letting go of yourself.  It is an exercise in constantly being vulnerable.  It is the practice of learning to not always be in control.  We all could use a little more trust in our lives- whether it be in yourself or in someone else.

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