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Valentines Gift Ideas for Him


Love is in the air or least on the brain.  This Valentines Day let’s spoil those special men in  our lives.  Normally Valentines Day is all about the ladies but this year I am ready to celebrate my main man.  Traditionally, Valentines Day is not one of my favorites as I consider it a ‘Hallmark’ Holiday and believe we should be celebrating love everyday.  BUT this year I am super grateful for all Brendan does so he will be receiving a few Valentines gifts ♥.

A few of the items on the list are a bit of a splurge but I tried to vary up the price points.  Hoping this sparks some new inspiration for Valentines gifts but let’s no forget about some of the classics like cologne, clothes and candy. A few of these ideas actually came straight from Brendan’s wish list so here’s hoping your Valentine has similar taste!!  Ha

To make it easier to shop just click on the product you are interested in.  They are all linked except the hat which I have linked HERE

my top pick

One of my favorite gifts, for just over $100,  would be to combine the make your own GIN KIT and PERSONALIZED GLASSES.  My guess is there are many men out there who would love a this little love package for Valentines Day.  To be honest I suspect most men will be shocked to even receive a gift… including my own husband.

for the splurger

There are a few products that are pretty expensive like the APPLE WATCH and the COACH WALLET CARD HOLDER but I am one for a nice splurge from time to time. Adding a pair of BLUE-TOOTH HEADPHONES to your man’s tech accessories is a perfect way to support his fitness goals.

more on a budget

Looking for something a bit more friendly on the budget consider this HEART TIE ♥ from Tie Bar.  It is only $15 and in fact all their ties are $15- so you can grab a couple.  For a little joke or a not so subtle hint 😉 consider this entertaining coffee table book THE ART OF MANLINESS.  It’s just over $14 and pretty funny!!

practical but perfect

This BACKPACK and BELT are the perfect gift for that practical Valentine of yours.  Try these super trendy and functional NEW BALANCES to keep his style up to date but not too much flare.  If your guy is anything like Brendan these SUNGLASSES will be well received and well worn.

Here’s hoping you have a love filled and happy Valentines Day.  And despite celebrating our men this year I hope you find yourself with a little gift to unwrap as well.  My real hope is that you find time each day to celebrate your love and to show each other how much you care for each other… that is something we are working on in our house.  So much love is in the air and I am hoping some sprinkles down on you! 

With Love, 



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