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Elevating You Winter Athleisure: 3 Simple Steps

Alright, I admit it.  I love athleisure and especially winter athleisure.  As a mom who spends most her time transporting my toddler to and from school, schlepping his stuff to and from the car, sitting on the ground playing trucks and constantly picking up after him wearing clothes that are comfortable and practical is of up most important;  enter athleisure.  And with winter in full swing it’s time to chat about winter athleisure.

When I am purchasing athleisure I make it a top priority to keep it all under $100.  Every so often I will splurge on a jacket that is above that price range but for the day to day I strongly feel you can find some good winter athleisure for under $100.  To start, ZELLA , from Nordstrom, is my go to.  They make quality stuff that is perfect for fitness but fits perfectly into a winter athleisure street style.  Another brand I like is ATHLETA but they are on the higher end of the price range.  BUT they are currently have a huge sale with many items up to 50% off. I have linked my favorites below.

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