Dark Denim + Plaid Ruffles

Another weekend in the books and a long one at that.  Hope you had a great weekend and got to relax at some point.  As we are full blow in winter I wanted to share a look with dark denim.  Inherently wearing darker colors happens in winter and it is no exception with dark denim.

a few tips for styling dark denim

Finding a pair of dark denim you love is the first step in styling dark denim.  I’ve linked up some of my favorites and tried to keep most of them under $100 HERE, HERE and HERE. This may be a surprise to you (ha) that I am obsessing over these J.CREW HIGH RISE SKINNY JEANS  (which are just over $100).  I own them in several washes and while on the hunt for some good dark denim I immediately swooped these up.  For me I went with high rise 1. as I am loving the trend and fit and 2. tops are becoming shorter these days I am not trying to embrace the belly shirt style.

shop the look: J.crew High Rise Skinny Jeans // Loft Plaid Ruffle top // steve madden booties <similar> // b.p. tote // j.crew velvet hair bow 

Dark denim looks dynamite with darker tops (in my opinion) as it creates a seamless coordinated look.  Keeping your top in a darker palette  elongates and defines your silhouette when wearing dark denim.  And for some reason I feel the stark contrast of brighter colors against dark denim is too dramatic.  A more subtle look is what I am going for.  If you are like me, you prefer a more muted understated style and keeping your top dark when pairing with dark denim helps accomplish and achieve this.

A let’s be honest…. darker colors always make you look slender.  And skinny.  And who doesn’t want that?!?

Finally, when it comes to choosing your top to pair with your dark denim I suggest a looser fitting one.  For me, I like to balance out the tighter bottom with a looser flowyer top.  The ruffles are a nice addition and tie in the feminine details we love on this PLAID RUFFLE TOP.  Not to say that a less detailed top wouldn’t look as good.  Either way pairing dark denim with a looser fitting top helps create a good harmony in your outfit.

Tell me, what styles and trends are you loving this winter season.  As I think about content in the next couple of weeks I want to make sure it is useful and helpful to you.  Pretty sun we will be back to sun dresses and bathing suits.  So let’s close out winter with a bang.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to see!  

With Love, 

dark denim


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