Fall Fashion Finds: Layering Essentials


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Despite the crazy warm weather here in Denver I am confident fall temperatures are just around the corner.  So, let ‘s chat about transitioning our summer wardrobe into fall and creating the perfect layered look. Below  are three easy to create looks and three easy tps for putting together the perfect layered look.

I am a HUGE fan of layering.  I learned a lot about layering while living in London as the weather would be range from sun to wind to rain in a matter of minutes.  Not only is it very practical but it is also my favorite look in terms of styling. I love adding different elements to one outfit to create dimension and character.  A simple cardigan or a fun print can really help bring a simple summer look into a trendy fall fashion.  Plus, the ability to peel or add layers as the weather changes around you is key for any busy women.

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Look 1: white tee // cozy cardigan // distressed denim 
Look 2: stripped dress // long cardigan // booties 
look 3: plaid shirt // utility vest // white denim

Creating a fun easy fall layered look can be accomplished effortlessly.  Bringing in some of your summer favorites ( dresses and white denim) and adding a few fall trends (cardigans and booties).  This time of year calls for layering with the cooler mornings and evenings yet the heat of the mid-day.  Below are a few easy tricks and tips!

1. denim + tee’s

To start there are a few staples that are essential in creating the perfect fall layered look.  This year distressed denim is an absolute must and I could not be happier about it.  I love how easy distressed denim is to wear and how comfortable it is; seriously denim has come a long way from the stiff cardboard feeling of the olden days.  Another essential element are basic tee’s- both long and short sleeve.  It is so easy to create a layered look when you start with a basic tee.  I am obsessed with white and gray but if you prefer more color that also works!!! These two base pieces are essential in creating the prefect fall layered look.

2. add a cardigan

I L O V E a good cardigan.  The chunkier the better- like <here> in this Instagram post.  A classic gray cardigan can bring any summer outfit into fall with minimal effort.  Adding a hooded chunky cardigan to a simple jeans and t-shirt look elevates it from casual to trendy.  When wearing a dress I tend to choose a longer cardigan to create a slimmer looking outfit.  When pairing a cardigan with denim any length works- your option are endless!! Think of a cardigan as classier sweatshirt… so instead of throwing on a hoodie add a hooded cardigan!!  I tend to gravitate towards plain cardigans (think camel, gray, dark gray) but encourage you to embrace design and  style if you prefer something more dynamic.

3. Use Pattern

If plaid doesn’t scream FALL then I am not sure what does?!? While plaid can be worn year round there is something very fallish about a plaid button down.  Paired with a cardigan or utility vest creates a polished outfit perfect for a day at the office or pumpkin patch outing with the family.  Not only can you use pattern on your shirt but do not be afraid to add pattern with a bag or clutch.  If you are super confident go ahead and rock some floral flats or patterned booties!!!  Seriously, adding any fun pattern or color can bring an outfit from bland to bam!!!


layer layer layer

Believe me when I say layering creates the perfect look for fall.  Classic, clean and cozy all in one day’s outfit. After two of these types of posts I want to make sure you are finding them helpful- my hope is that you are inspired to try these looks, grab a few pieces to compliment your current closet and/or pick up a few tips.  While they are a labor of love to create I am loving this new challenge of finding new looks and sharing them with you.  Let me know what you want to see in the coming weeks- I have a few ideas but am open to anything you want to see!!

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