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Freshies for Perspective

Fresh Flowers.  Ahhh, one of the best ways to brighten my day, my mood, my perspective.  In London there are fresh flower stalls on almost every corner (every other for sure) and it is impossible for me to walk by them without smiling.  Yes, I likely look a bit odd as stroll down the street randomly smiling at every other corner… but I am happy to be that girl.  Fresh flowers rejuvenate me after a long day with Declan, they remind me of the amazing beauty in the world, they offer a pop of colour on cold London days and the smell can be simply intoxicating.  It’s the small simple pleasure of picking out a perfectly prepared bouquet and allowing it to fill my life with freshness that keeps me coming back for more.

One of the things I love most about the flower boutiques around the city is how the colors mirror those of the changing seasons.  Deep reds, purples, burnt oranges and yellows to highlight the autumn crisp air- the evergreens, the cranberry reds, the crisps whites to remind you Christmas is just around the corner- the soft pinks, pale lilacs, faded yellows and pastel blues as the new spring season unfolds- the vibrant yellows, ravishing reds and the brilliant pinks of summer- simply put flowers shadow the path of life.  They outline the ever-changing aspects of the everyday yet bring about a constant of freshness and a reminder to stop and admire the beauty all around.

Brendan, in the last year, has brought home more surprise flower bunches than the prior eight years combined… there really is something special about flowers in bloom.


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