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Full Circle

Discovering London and finding new places to explore has been one of our passions since we touched down over a year ago- taking the train out to castles, hoping on the bus and cruising across town or walking down the street of a new neighborhood have really kept us out and about… sometimes though, the best if just around the corner.  Just around our own corner is Battersea Park and it is here that we have spent a lot of time as a family. The playgrounds here are wildly adventurous, the events here always exceed our expectations, the beauty can, truly, can only be captured in our memories and the atmosphere exudes proper London playfulness.  With Declan and Rubble the hunt for a good park is always high on the list but we continuously find ourselves back here, in Battersea.  This was one of the first parks we visited when Brendan and I were house hunting, in July 2015, and it is only fitting that we have come full circle (both via the calendar and emotionally) and started yet another journey, here,  in this park.

Photos: Gui Pinto 

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This shoot was our first, ever,  professional family shoot- Declan had never had professional photos taken and he was OBSESSED with our photographer.  He loved mimicking him, he loved telling him stories about Peppa Pig and he loved having his photo taken!  Picking the outfit for this shoot was very easy for me- it needed to be easy, comfortable, fun and practical.  Honestly, all of these items,  including the booties, are some of the most comfortable clothes I own.  In fact, this flannel <similar, similar,  similar would be worn to bed if I thought it acceptable!  As many of you know, I love love love statement necklaces and I love love love JCrew… well this baby is the perfect match of both!  Given I have a toddler, who is not yet potty-trained (he’s only two and half and I may be procrastinating)- I need a bag that can fit a diaper, snacks, wallet, Oyster card, lipstuff, phone, keys, the occasional toy, etc,etc,etc- this satchel pretty much is my go-to for park dates, errands, tube travel, coffee runs and school drop drop off/pick up.  This day was such a wonderful reminder of how easy and casual life can be… we laughed a lot, we played a lot, we smiled a lot.

Many of you know that I lived in Berlin when I was younger- my dad’s work relocated us there for 10 months- I went to a British school, lived in a German home and traveled to almost every country in Europe.  I couldn’t have imagined it then that I would be living in London, raising my son who goes to a British nursery school and traveling around Europe with my husband…It is amazing how life brings you back to your roots in so many ways- it is amazing that a simple park adventure reminds me of where I came from and how important travel and adventures are to shaping your future.   As time goes on and the years pass by I hope our family never looses the passion to explore- as I never did from my time living in Berlin- I hope Declan grows up hungry to never stop learning, to never be complacent, to never stop discovering- . I hope, as our lives carry on- day by day- that we always cherish the moments spent in this park- we cherish the adventures we took- we remember the days we spent exploring.  I hope, by creating a childhood rooted in new adventures and experiences, one day Declan is inspired to live abroad (and I promise I will not cry) and then life really will have come full circle.

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