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The Art of Cleansing

Calm down- I am not going to advocate for bad hygiene nor am I am going to advocate for a shower a day… Im really going to advocate for a mix of both (but not actually bad hygiene).  To me, there are two kinds of showers- the kind where you get all wet, lather everything with soap- including your hair- and spend amble amount of time washing away your previous day, last nights sketchy dreams or just enjoying the sense of clean  Then there is the kind where you barley get wet- just enough to cover the necessary areas with suds avoiding at all costs your hair.  Now, personally, I spend a great deal of time deciding whether to engage in shower ritual number one or shower ritual number two… and truthfully my formula for decision making is still a work in progress but lets talk about it.

To Shower:
To make a good first  impression: first date, a first meeting, first day of school drop off, first date night in a month, first time meeting the potential in-laws, first time seeing your own parents in months, first time your child throws up on you, first fashion event, first day of a new job, first day of the week… I think you get the idea.

Not to Shower: 
Every other occasion or day….  plain and simple.

So, for me I have found some amazing dry shampoo… I have learned to schedule “first” events on the same day… quite simply I can’t decide to SHOWER or NOT???

Tell me what you think???  How do you decide??

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