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Thursday Three- Skin Care


Welcome back to Thursday Three… only today it is Thursday Four!  This week I wanted to focus on skin care given the changing weather and therefore the need to boost your skin care routine.  I’m going to start by saying I am in LOVE all of these products (and no I am not being paid to say that).  I use each of these every single day… and I swear by them.  When we moved I needed to find a new line of skin care that would replace my previous one as it was not available here in the UK and I am sure glad I found this line and I will continue to use if wherever we live!  I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to skin care and I prefer an easy short routine.  All these products can be used with each other and the whole process for washing, seruming and moisturizing is well under 10 minutes.  I have a toddler- I do not have time for 25 minute skin care routines- I envy those who do!! I know there are essentials I need to add into my skin care routine- toner being one of them.  Caudalie does have a toner and I plan to begin to use it… just need to execute.  A good face mask and an exfoliator are two other that I am late the game on.. maybe, at some point, I will update this post with those three new products (I did however add a few to the product widget below)!  For now lets stick with these basics.

#1: this daily moisturizer is amazing  It is light and does not leave a greasy feeling yet it certainly provides exceptional moisture.  I use a small amount after washing my face and it lasts all day.  This one has SPF in it- which is vital for my Denver ladies- and for everyone really.  Side note- when we first moved here I was told, by a professional, that I did not need SPF in my daily face cream as the UV in London was not strong enough to warrant it… FALSE.  Always ensure you have SPF in your face cream- skin cancer is not cool.

#2: the night cream is dynamite.  It is thick and creamy- in all the good ways.  It took me many tries to find one that wasn’t too thick yet still really helped to rejuvenate my skin overnight and this was the winner.  I wake up feeling fresh and my skin is super smooth.  I also wanted one that had a bit of an anti-wrinkle element and this one offers the complete package.  Its a must have for my nightly routine,

#3: okay… so I do not feel old enough to need a tightening serum… nor did I want to come to realization that my face was starting to age… I mean who does?!?  But it is the truth- we all get older- we all age and we all need a serum.  So just get this one.  It is the bomb.  It is creamy but certainly leaves your skin feeling a bit firmer after application.  I focus around my eyes (too many sleepless nights with my sweet Declan) and my forehead (too much laughing!).  I tend to only use it at night before I apply my night cream however feel free to use in the morning as well.  Just make sure to apply BEFORE any lotions or moisturizers or makeup.

#4: clean face = clean life!  There are times were I wash my face in the middle of the day just to be able to use this face wash.  I LOVE the way it smells, it takes off all my make-up including mascara and it leaves my skin feeling fresh.  I gravitate towards foaming cleansers as I like the suds and I feel they leave my skin feeling a bit cleaner and without a film.  The clean face feeling really helps to start my day or to wash away all the stress from the day. This one certainly accomplishes both of those feelings.

Take care of your skin and your face… it makes a difference.  It took me a while to embrace this idea and to build it into my daily routines.  I know there are a ton of skin care products on the market- and I am certainly no expert.  These products work for me and I hope they work for you!  What are your favorite go-to skin products?  Would you guys like to see more like this- makeup, skin care, beauty products- leave me a comment and let me know!!!!!

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I have linked all the products pictured and discussed along with a few others from this line that are also worth a try.

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