Velvet Blazer: Easy to Wear Holiday Look, Classic, Chic and Stylish

Velvet Blazer: Part Two

It’s the weekend!!  And part two of this VELVET BLAZER!  In case you missed Part One you can check it out HERE.

I wore this VELVET BLAZER to Brendan’s Christmas party this weekend and it was perfect.  And I wore it last week to a lunchtime meeting.  If I haven’t convinced you yet that this VELVET piece is perfectly versatile I am not sure I can.  Ha. But keeping reading anyway. 

This post is to showcase how VELVET can be worn in a more fancy way but still keeping your look young, trendy and classy.  There is something very “fancy” in black and white and especially with VELVET.  But I wanted to ensure this look could be versatile enough to wear to a festive holiday dinner with friends, maybe Christmas Eve dinner or even New Years Eve.

Photos: Jenna Sparks Photography 

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VELVET screams holiday.  VELVET screams trendy.  This Christmas season VELVET is a must have.  This BLAZER is a perfect addition to your festive outfit and elevates it to a fancy and sophisticated level.  Keeping it classy with black and white creates a look that is elegant and classic.  The DENIM (which I already owned) keeps the look fresh, youthful and easy.  However substitute denim for a faux leather pleated SKIRT and you have yourself a perfect holiday party outfit.  

The accessories really pull the look together so I suggest keeping them simple and tasteful.  This also helps accentuate the richness of the velvet and the trim look of the blazer.  The idea is be fancy yet comfortable.  A flowy CAMI (of any color) is a great way to highlight the contrast from day to night.  Inherently there is something formal about a great pair of stiletto heels and these STUDDED ones are amazing especially given they are under $50.    

A VELVET BLAZER is a great addition to your closet this season.  The versatility from day to night, the trendy rich fabric and the elevated looks it creates makes it the perfect year round piece (but especially right now).  Below I provided several velvet blazers in varying price points. Happy Shopping! 

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